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Best gold investment companies of 2022: Comprehensive guide


(Pocket-lint) – Disclaimer: We may receive a referral fee from some of the companies featured in this article. This article does not constitute financial advice. Refer to a professional for financial advice, and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Are you looking for the best gold investment companies?

The increasing volatility of capital markets has led to people rethinking their investment options. As a result, precious metals are now becoming a more viable avenue for investors to safeguard their money, with more and more people transitioning from traditional to gold IRAs.

To get ahead of the curve, choose from the list of the best gold IRA companies to ensure you receive exceptional services!

Top 4 gold investment IRA companies at a glance

  1. American Hartford Gold: Best gold IRA company overall
  2. Augusta Precious Metals: Runner up
  3. Birch Gold: Top choice for beginners
  4. Goldco: Great minimal prices

#1 American Hartford Gold: Best gold IRA company overall

American Hartford Gold is a Los Angeles-based precious metals investment firm. The company’s primary goal is to assist its clients in acquiring a diverse portfolio consisting of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Investors may store their precious metals in a retirement account with American Hartford’s gold IRA. There are many advantages to availing of their services, such as tax-free growth in your portfolio. Because IRAs are a unique type of investment account, these accounts help individuals claim tax advantages to help them grow their wealth.

American Hartford recognizes the lack of ability of Social Security to provide for you when you retire. AHG offers an extensive selection of silver, gold, and platinum products to their clients. The company sources its precious metals from Australia, Austria, Canada, South Africa, and Switzerland.

Despite staying under the radar, the firm’s features attract many investors. It is one of the few companies that does not charge for the transportation of precious metals. Furthermore, since all deliveries are insured, you do not need to worry about the safety of your investment. It also provides tailor-made solutions to its clients. Its fee structure depends on your situation, and in some cases, they might even waive the storage costs!

The company works hard to ensure its reputation as a reputable IRA, and the firm stays up to par with its competitors. It boasts an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, 4.9/5 on Trustpilot, and 4.8/5 on google. It is hard to pinpoint the downsides of opening an account with American Hartford with stats like these!

Its customers are known for receiving exceptional customer service, and the firm is even endorsed by big financial Influencers, including Bill O’Reilly and Rudy Guiliani. Despite the lack of information on their website, the brand allows you to open an account of your choice. American Hartford Gold is the company you should be looking to work with if you want to invest in precious metals.


  • Great customer service with round-the-clock assistance.
  • Advisors that guide you through setting up a self-directed IRA.
  • Sources its metals from high-quality producing countries to ensure the quality of the product.
  • Large variety of metals for sale, including gold, silver, and platinum.
  • Offers free deliveries on all transactions.
  • Under certain conditions, some accounts get storage-fee waivers.
  • Heavily endorsed by major players in the financial system.
  • Thousands of verified five-star reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot and Google.
  • Clients receive a buyback guarantee one each transaction.
  • Partners with renowned storage facilities, including Brink’s Global and Delaware Depositary.
  • Personalized financial advice from experts who do not pressure you into making a hasty decision.


  • Only operates with the United States.
  • Does not list its prices online.
  • Only sells gold and silver coins.

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#2 Augusta Precious Metals: Runner up

Since 2012, Augusta Precious Metals, a family-run company, has sold precious metals and offered gold IRAs. The organization is a reliable source for gold and silver IRAs to develop wealth and diversify retirement portfolios. The firm empowers investors by giving them the ability to choose their investments.

The firm offers a wide variety of gold and silver options for investors and offers low pricing on conventional gold, silver bullion, premium metals, and precious coins. Plus, your order desk quotation will include all the associated costs, as the firm does not charge a markup on its given prices.

Augusta sees its clients as more than a source of revenue. Augusta’s staff provides ongoing support rather than only taking care of the account. They also educate you on precious metal portfolio diversification. This client-centred strategy has helped them develop trust and loyalty within their consumer base.

The firm is committed to providing the best service to its clients. To that end, it assigns a customer success agent who will guide you through the account creation process and handle your queries.

Augusta Precious Metals employs industry experts who have a vast knowledge of the precious metals industry. Experts work in a team to research the market for the best opportunities for their clients to invest in. The company’s mission is to provide excellent customer service to its customers, realizing their investment goals.

The firm prides itself on providing lifetime support to its clients’ accounts. With countless customer endorsements and high ratings from institutions such as the Business Consumer Alliance, Augusta Precious Metals has established itself as a trusted provider and is known as one of the best gold IRA companies in the industry.


  • Impeccable services with lifetime assistance.
  • Countless five-star reviews.
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Simple setup and a streamlined account creation process.
  • Easy for beginners to open an account.
  • Low minimum purchase requirement of $50 for a gold IRA.
  • No maximum investment.
  • Two minimal fees per annum: $100 each for custodian maintenance and storage.
  • Gold IRA accounts receive up to 10 years of reimbursed fees in silver coins.
  • Wide range of options to choose from, including gold coins, premium gold, and gold bullions.
  • Wide range of options to choose from, including gold and silver coins.
  • Ability to choose your preferred depository facility across the United States.
  • Quick delivery of your precious metals to your preferred depository; arrives at the location within ten days.
  • Each purchase is insured up until delivery.
  • They have financial advisers that don’t pressure their clients into making a decision.


  • A minimum $50,000 investment is needed to open an account.
  • Lack of options when selecting bullions.
  • Lacks online services for managing your portfolio.

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#3 Birch Gold: Top choice for beginners

With 20 years of experience, the Birch Gold Group is one of the most experienced businesses on the market. In fact, it is the most experienced on our list of the Top 4 Gold IRA companies. With its vast expertise in the field, Birch Gold Group uses its experience to assist its clients with portfolio diversification through gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investments.

With the help of big-name financial institutions, the firm is significantly capable of providing immaculate services. Birch combines the use of tech in finance to calculate a unique solution that is tailored for your financial situation. The knowledge and commitment held by its financial experts help make your transition to a gold IRA company much smoother.

Birch Gold Group is our top choice if you are a beginner. The firm’s employees are incredibly responsive and are always available to answer your queries. Birch does not just handle your finances; it builds a relationship with you by working one-to-one while providing you with the core knowledge to help you build trust in its system.

The firm offers a diverse range of products ranging from bullion to various coins that are available in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Birch Gold Group offers a buyback guarantee on all its transactions if you need to offload your precious metals – the firm will always be ready with a quote.

Birch Gold Group has built its reputation around simplifying the process of making a gold IRA company work for you. By providing excellent customer service, it has managed to amass countless online recommendations and endorsements.

The company also boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot. The staff is known for aiding in unconventional situations, helping them boost their name in the industry. Their ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, and they will go out of their way to please their clients!


  • Wide range of IRA products.
  • Respected amongst multiple financial institutions and provides services on a large scale.
  • Investments over $50,000 are exempt from the annual fee.
  • Best company to choose if you are a beginner.
  • Plenty of resources are available on their website for knowledge of the IRAs.
  • Quick delivery of precious metals once the transaction is completed.
  • After scanning through numerous online reviews, it is clear Birch’s customer service is highly rated.
  • Extremely responsive staff that replies with detailed answers to all queries.
  • Financial advisors give their clients time and space to make an informed decision.


  • Some information is not available on Birch’s website.
  • The website does not specify what setup and annual fees are charged to the account, indicating there are some hidden fees.
  • May require a sizable investment to apply for an IRA account.

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#4 Goldco: Great minimal prices

Goldco is our top choice IRA company to protect your retirement account from the changing market environment. Established in 2006, it is one of the world’s most reputable gold and silver brokers. The firm is synonymous with making procedures smoother for its clients and helping them reach their retirement goals.

The firm provides customers with the best brokerage services for precious metals-funded IRAs. The firm also helps its clients convert their accounts from traditional to gold IRAs. Goldco’s experts guide its clients through complex procedures in order to simply set up a gold IRA, as much as possible.

Goldco facilitates access to the gold and silver market for its clients, by managing paperwork with the help of a required account custodian. Furthermore, it works with its clients to discover their goals and assists them in selecting IRS-approved coins and bullions.

Despite the importance of choosing your gold products to invest in, you need to have the right guide who you can trust. Goldco’s experts provide you with essential information to help you discover the right custodian that meets your needs.

Once you have picked your custodian, Goldco will help you meet IRS regulations to set up a Gold IRA. You choose the gold products you want to invest in, and they work side by side to ensure your transaction aligns with the IRS.

To help you pick the specific product you can invest in, Goldco offers a free Precious Metals Guide. The firm also helps you diversify your investment by allowing you to create an IRA that contains bars, bullions, and coins.

With minimal fees and an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating, you know your retirement plans will be in safe hands. The firm boasts over a thousand five-star reviews, ensuring its services are tested and approved by many individuals. Simplify your roll-over by creating an account with Goldco and securing your retirement plans!


  • Offer easy and assisted account creation.
  • Goldco guides you through converting your traditional IRAs to gold coins and bullions, making the procedure incredibly smooth.
  • Low yearly fees with minimal management fees.
  • It offers complete transparency, helping you focus on your long-term goals.
  • Offer multiple storage options.
  • Its primary partner, Delaware Depository, is over 200 years old and uses Class-3 Vaults for maximum security.
  • They have fantastic customer reviews.
  • Goldco boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Countless five-star reviews on independent rating websites such as Trustpilot.
  • The company frequently offers fee-refund promotions that are incredibly attractive, since they make your investment more cost-effective.
  • Non-pushy financial advisors who tailor their solutions to clients’ needs.


  • The firm requires commitment and a minimum purchase of $50,000. 
  • Does not offer palladium or platinum coins.

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Why should you invest in gold IRA?

Do you know gold is the best hedge against inflation? A gold IRA is nearly identical to a 401(k) or a traditional IRA; moreover, it helps diversify your retirement portfolio. Nowadays, you can create your gold IRA account with reputable financial organizations, including banks and brokerage firms.

Because the value of gold is not affected by inflation, its value remains fairly stable. Unlike many financial assets that are vulnerable to speculation and uncertainty, the price of gold does not fluctuate. Hence, investing in gold is an excellent way to save for your future!

Another reason you should invest in gold is that it has a reputation of being a more secure investment than stocks and real estate. You may store the gold in a secure location such as a depository or entrust it with your family. Just be sure to follow IRS regulations if you choose to take possession of the gold.

Benefits of a gold IRA

The demand for gold IRAs has been increasing due to the rising benefits obtained from the investment. Investors who want a diversified portfolio to protect themselves from inflation look towards gold as their solution. The precious metal is synonymous with a balanced portfolio since it eases risk in the long run, making it a wise option for retirement funds.

The following factors are some of the countless benefits of investing in a gold IRA:

The rising price of gold

Many individuals are saving for retirement with gold since it is a secure investment. Using gold as a retirement asset is a sensible method to invest your money for a secure future. The price of gold has been increasing continuously in the past decade, making it highly profitable.

There are many reasons why the price of gold has been increasing over the years. The rarity and high demand from industries drive the prices. It is also considered a hedge against inflation because you may use it to protect your wealth during economic uncertainty and currency devaluations.

If you’re looking forward to choosing a company to set up a gold IRA, make sure that the company has adequate experience. Go through independent websites to find reviews about its service to certify its authenticity. Lastly, make sure the company offers a fair price to you when buying back the gold, to ensure the safe storage of your wealth.

Long-term safeguard and protection

Gold IRAs provide a long-term safeguard and protection to your wealth. You may be surprised to know that gold has an inverse relation with the United States Dollar! Unlike currency, which faces fluctuations in its values, the value of gold generally increases. Storing your wealth in gold will provide a long-term solution to help you achieve your retirement goals.

Currency helps maintain the value of gold, and a weaker currency tends to raise gold prices by boosting demand. This is because more gold is purchased when the dollar is weak due to speculation. Hence, when the dollar’s value falls during inflation, the price of gold tends to rise, protecting your wealth from unforeseen economic factors.


Diversification is the process of mixing different types of investments in your portfolio. It is important to remember there is no surety when you invest; thus, is it vital for you to diversify your portfolio. The process is a great way to get through fluctuations in the market while maintaining the possibility of growth.

When you have already invested in stocks, investing in a gold ira company is a great way to diversify your investment. In case one of your investments slows down, the other has the chance to make up for it. Gold is considered a safe investment and can help protect you in case of a major economic recession.

Tax benefits

Investing in a gold IRA company helps you take advantage of numerous tax breaks and thereby helping you increase your wealth. Depending on the type of IRA you choose, your tax may be deferred or exempted entirely. The deductions are conditional, depending on your income and tax status.

Most gains made during your investment are usually exempt from taxes with gold IRA companies, while you can deduct your contributions. According to the IRS, the contribution limit for people under the age of 50 is $5,500, and $6,500 if you are above 50.

Things to be aware of before opening a gold IRA

Like any investment, investing in a gold IRA comes with risks. You need to be aware of a few factors before you open a gold IRA:

Fees and expenses

Before you open an account, you need to predict your costs. When choosing a company for a gold IRA, ensure you are aware of all the costs associated with your account. This helps you forecast your expected gains in the long run.

Make sure the company you choose is transparent in its fees. Most firms have an annual fee that includes management and storage. The Top gold ira companies on our list are all highly ethical in their practices and ensure you are aware of all the costs when you open an account. This helps you keep your money safe.

No yields, no dividends, no interest

Gold is a physical asset that does not pay dividends, interest, or yields. The asset does not generate income; however, it has the potential to increase in value over time. As a long-term investment option, gold has the ability to grow as time passes.

Gold’s value is tied to its rarity. Because it is only mined in limited amounts and is sought after by many industries, gold will continue to have good value. Furthermore, because of its ability to stay stable during inflation, the asset is highly coveted, and many investors turn to it for their retirement plans.

Fraud and theft

Before investing in a gold IRA company, you need to do a thorough background check to see which is the best gold ira company to go with. Do you know con-artists count on you to not research before investing? Your best bet against them is to thoroughly examine the companies you plan to invest in.

To reduce the risk of fraud, only deal with experienced dealers and keep track of all your transactions. Scan the web for reviews and search for reputed companies that offer great service with reasonable fees.

Buyer’s guide to investing in a gold IRA

Gold and silver are two examples of precious metals that have the potential to be profitable investments. This is due to the fact that they are scarce and possess significant inherent worth. Having them protected under an individual retirement account (IRA) offers you peace of mind in the event that global markets experience volatility.

Our guide offers an insight into the basics of gold IRA and the many opportunities associated with investing in precious metals. Before making your decision, carefully examine the market and do your research. Make sure to follow the guidelines in our buying guide to ensure you choose a company that best fits you.

Speak with a financial advisor or lawyer

If you are a beginner in investing, it is important to talk to a financial advisor or a lawyer to learn more about gold IRAs. Their knowledge and experience will help you ensure your investment is compliant with the IRS and local laws. Furthermore, they will guide you through the limitations in your state and help you choose the right option to help you make a profit.

Before opening an account, consult a lawyer so that your account is set up legally. It is important to understand the process of taxation for your IRS account so you do not have to face hefty penalties later on. A financial advisor can also help you stay clear of scammers that prey on the market.

Review current news for fraud alerts

Like all investments, gold IRAs require you to remain up-to-date with the latest events in the financial world. Investments are prone to fraud, and it is essential you keep viewing the Better Business Bureau and the FBI’s crime center as well as other blogs to avoid any scams near you.

Watch out for classic scams. If someone is offering you a price significantly higher than the market rate, it probably is too good to be true. Watch out for individuals who are in haste, and take your time before closing a deal. If you’re in doubt about a deal, it is better to hold off till you find a trusted buyer.

Find a gold IRA custodian and establish the IRA

If you want to deposit money into a gold IRA, you will want to work with a reputable firm that will offer you the finest service. IRAs need to follow strict regulations, so your preferred choice of a company must follow all the guidelines set by the regulatory bodies. For you to make an informed decision, research to determine which company will serve your needs.

Once you have chosen a company, you will need to provide them with the necessary documentation for them to approve your account. The company will require certain information and paperwork, including your name, address, and social security number. You will also need to declare your assets to them so they can establish how much you will be able to contribute to the IRA annually.

Establish and fund the IRA

When funding your IRA account, you can choose to put in all or a certain percentage of your retirement savings. You can make your contributions in a one-time transaction or monthly-recurring payments. Some firms allow you to do both, so do research before you choose your firm.

Plan out your investment in advance. This will allow you to separate certain capital that you can invest in intervals. By doing so, you will compound your investment by funding your IRA continuously. This will allow you to forecast your expected gains over time.

It is critical that you become familiar with the inner workings of your investment. In order to make your investment profitable, you will need to understand how it operates and what steps you need to take. The firm you pick will be responsible for guiding you through the process and providing key information.

Invest in precious metals via the IRA

With the creation of your account, you are now prepared to invest in precious metals-backed IRAs. Some companies offer a wide variety of metals to choose from, including gold, silver, and platinum. Look for companies that provide more options to diversify your investment.

The company will provide you with clear instructions on how to execute your investment for your ease. Talk to your financial advisor to work out the specifics of your transaction.

For you to obtain your precious metal, you must place an order with a dealer. If an agreement is reached, you will own the metal and be stored in your retirement account. To ensure your investment is safe, frequently check on the value of the metals to make sure you are not at a loss.

Gold IRA rollovers

Gold roll-overs are one of the most fundamental processes of this investment option. It is a transfer of funds from your conventional to a gold IRA account. This option is always available for investors without the risk of incurring penalties or additional taxes.

When you fill out the application, you will need to ask for a transfer request form if you decide to invest in a gold IRA. Since you do not possess the assets, the value of your traditional IRA account will move to your gold IRA account smoothly. This procedure will take around two weeks, after which you will be able to purchase gold through your company.

If you are applying for a direct transfer, your custodian will be required to send a cheque to your top gold IRA company to help you purchase your desired metal. If the transfer is indirect, you will receive the cheque in your name, and you will be tasked to deposit it in your IRA account before the given deadline. In case you miss the 60-day deadline, you will be charged a 10% tax for the early withdrawal of your investment.

401k gold IRA rollovers

Rolling over your 401k plan into a gold IRA is a common practice-Often called a gold ira rollover. Once you have left your workplace, you will be able to diversify your retirement savings with safe assets like gold. Talk to your financial advisor to align your retirement goals for a smooth transition.

You will need to talk to the company that manages your 401k account for a successful roll-over. Like traditional roll-overs, you will have to choose between direct and indirect roll-overs while keeping the company in check to avoid risking IRS penalties.

You may question why you should do a 401k roll-over. In case your securities start to underperform, you may want to diversify into gold investments to hedge against the uncertainty. Furthermore, gold IRAs have seen exponential growth, especially during the pandemic.

5 things to look for when choosing a gold investment company


Numerous websites are available to investigate gold IRA Investment companies. Financial watchdogs and online blogs are great resources to provide a thorough background of the firms. You should thoroughly research the company’s ratings that you plan on working with.

Scanning different sources such as the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot contain expert reviews about the company’s services. Keep an eye out for endorsements from big names in the financial world to know their perspective on gold IRAs.

The companies on our list all have an A+ rating from the BBB and are highly rated by their clients. Because of their experience and great services, the companies should be on your shortlist for the best gold IRA companies.

IRA fee structure

Each IRA company charges a fee to provide its customers with services they can rely on. The costs of an IRA include the annual management fee and a transaction fee for when you obtain a precious metal. Being aware of these costs is necessary to make the correct judgment when choosing your company.

Before signing up for an account, ensure you know what all the costs are. Make sure the firm you choose is not charging hidden fees and has a transparent fee structure. It is clinical to choose a company that has the lowest fees, so you are able to save on long-term costs.

Efficient delivery time

One major factor in purchasing precious metals through gold ira companies is the delivery time. When you’re on the lookout for great companies, consider the amount of time they take to send the goods to you or the depository. This helps you take control of your investment as soon as possible so you can start preparing for the long run.

Another major factor is the efficiency of the firm. The company you choose should be able to deliver the precious metals to you whenever you demand them and in a timely manner. The brands on our list all offer quick delivery and work hard to ensure you get your metals whenever you may require them.

They also offer multiple ways to ship the goods to you. While all shipments are insured, you get to choose the method of delivery. If the quantity of gold you need is significant, you can opt for armed vehicle deliveries. The right company will go out of its way to provide you with the best service.

Pushy salesmen or unfriendly customer support

Unfortunately, the reputation of investment advisors is plagued by the stereotype of extremely pushy sales associates and unfriendly customer support. You must remember that you are the client, and your needs come before their commissions. Thus you must ensure that the company you work with employs the right people.

Don’t fall for sales tricks that make you invest more than you need to. Salespeople will always try to sell you more since they earn a commission on every sale. Always plan your investment goals and mention your requirements to your advisor.

Furthermore, ensure you are able to form good relationships with the company’s employees that you choose. They will be your main contacts if you encounter any problems; hence if they are untrained and pushy, it’s better to look at other options.

Other alternative investment options available

When you’re planning on investing for your retirement, you should ensure your options are kept open. Even though you may see people make large gains with a specific product, you cannot guarantee you will be able to replicate those returns. In such a case, diversifying your portfolio by looking at alternative investment options is safer.

Contrary to public opinion, there are plenty of alternative options that have the potential to deliver huge results. Alternative investments in IRA include real estate, cryptocurrency, startups, and many more financial assets. Because it is your investment, you need to take control and choose your investments. This will allow you to secure your future by building your wealth before you retire.

Final thoughts – Best gold investment companies

When you’re ready to make the big leap from traditional IRAs, get in touch with an excellent gold-IRA service provider from our list. All four of the companies on our list are experienced and have the expertise to guide you through the process of transitioning.

Beginners may find the process overwhelming. If you want to invest in Gold IRAs, you need to be aware of all the important data and details about your Gold IRA service provider. Careful monitoring of your investments will allow you to yield greater and more secure results.

While all four companies that we have researched offer commendable service, the best company to manage your gold IRA is American Hartford Gold. The firm provides unmatchable services by safeguarding its clients’ funds. The procedure of transitioning to a gold IRA account is fairly simple with the help of the financial experts it employs for your assistance.

Unlike other companies, American Hartford Gold offers competitive prices that most companies are not able to beat. Plus, extensive educational resources are available to ensure investors are aware of their decisions. The firm also boasts a wide selection of metals to invest in, making the brand stand out against its rivals.

Furthermore, American Hartford Gold ticks all the boxes from our buying guide. Financial advisors guide you through the process of investing in precious metals IRAs. Moreover, the firm is safe and protects you from fraudulent activity.

If you need assistance or have questions along the way, they will prove to be a great resource to turn to. With exceptional customer service, you can be confident in your decision to start a gold IRA.

If you’ve been worried about your retirement savings, a gold IRA might be the answer. Start the process of moving cash from an old retirement account to a more secure one with the help of our guide!

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