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BHIVE Alternatives’ commercial real estate investment opportunity in Koramangala receives 60% booking within first month


Investing in real estate, especially Commercial Real Estate (CRE), is seen as unaffordable or inaccessible to most people. The ticket size for one such commercial real estate investment could run into several crores, which makes it nearly impossible for middle-class Indians to invest in. The exorbitant ticket size associated with it is simply too high for it to become an investment option for many.

This is why most middle-class Indians only invest in Residential Real Estate which gives a paltry 2-3 percent annual yield. In stark contrast, a sizable portion of Bengaluru’s commercial real estate lies in the hands of a select few, particularly global private equity giants such as Blackstone and Brookefield. These give yields of 7 – 10 percent p.a in addition to capital appreciation.

To democratise real estate investment and make it more accessible, Nikhil Kamath-backed Fintech startup, BHIVE, has created a fintech platform ‘BHIVE Alternatives’. Through this platform, individual investors can invest in safe high-return commercial real estate and gain substantial benefits that compete with Institutional Grade Opportunities that were initially out of reach for the common man/everyday investor.

A deal that’s a steal

The investment ticket size starts from Rs 10 lakh, an impressive deal that enables entry into owning a pre-leased commercial property. The unique skill set BHIVE brings to the table ensures that investors will not have to concern themselves with finding tenants, maintaining the premises or any other hassle that is associated with Real Estate investments. Investors get a great capital appreciation and still earn a stable monthly income through rentals.

Investors from the upper-middle class, NRI, and HNI community can now diversify their investments and maintain equity-like capital appreciation while obtaining above average monthly rental returns at 10.27 percent. They can now pre-book and reserve their unit at just 1 percent of the cost, that is, at only Rs 10,000. This attractive investment that is selling out lightning fast, has already seen 240 of its 385 units sold out in less than a month.

Speaking on the great response this opportunity has received so far, Shesh Rao Paplikar, Co-Founder & CEO, BHIVE said, “This is a marquee asset located on the happening 100 ft road of Koramangala, the best possible location one can aim for to purchase property. Even for us it would be hard to find marquee independent assets like this in such a location in future. That is why this property is seeing such a huge demand and take from our customers.

“In fact many family offices are also pushing us to sell the entire unsold inventory of this property to them, for which we are yet to take a call on,” he added.

The BHIVE method

In CRE, money is made during the time of entry and not exit, as is the case with stock markets and real estate. This enables capital appreciation at the time of exit.

This offering is a Grade A prime commercial property at Koramangala 100 Ft. Road and is bringing commercial investment opportunities at prices as low as Rs 15,635 per sq. ft. (an area where the standard rate is easily over 20 – 25,000 per sq. ft) This is an independent building of 23,500 sq. ft. constructed by the Salarpuria Sattva group on an independent land plot of 9,600 sq. ft. Further it comes with assured rentals with a tenancy of 14 Years with 7 year Lock in already in place.

BHIVE offers unparalleled risk protection services to its investors, including complete legal due diligence, hassle free purchase, and solutions to maintain and generate revenue. Make sure you invest only in deals with an above average potential returns when compared to conventional investment avenues.

Statistically, Indians tend to invest in low yield FDs, gold, and low rental yielding residential properties. Residential real estate does not give any rental returns. In contrast, BHIVE ensures that investors get a high rental yield of 10.27 percent per annum in monthly income.

Coworking and investments

As Bangalore’s largest coworking player BHIVE has over 21,000 seats spread over nine lakhs square feet of real estate across 17 Locations. BHIVE is also the second largest player in the flexible office spaces in bangalore. Established in 2014, BHIVE started-off as a coworking space and later moved towards becoming a commercial real estate investment platform that has raised over Rs 45 crore investment for assets. Adopting a customer-centric mindset, BHIVE aims to become the largest and most comprehensive platform for commercial real estate and alternative investments in the country.

The BHIVE application

The BHIVE application is available on App Store for iOS users and Google App Store for Android users. Investors can pay their advances and even make full payments online.

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