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EXCLUSIVE: Prometheus Launches Social Network, Digital Fund Market To ‘Discover, Research, And Follow’


Prometheus Alternative Investments announced the launch of a new social network and digital fund marketplace.

Context: Prometheus allows investors access to quality insights and a chance to learn right from professionals.

Additionally, the firm’s desktop and mobile marketplace allows accredited investors, family offices, and wealth advisors improved access to the growing market of alternative investments.

Users can discover, research, follow, and transact with high-quality managers, connecting them with hedge funds, crypto funds, venture capital funds, private equity funds, commodities funds, and the investment professionals managing those funds.

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Why It Matters: “Prometheus offers a chance for accredited investors to meet the people behind the fund and gives the opportunity to source new and credible investment ideas from trusted professionals,” said Michael Wang, CEO and Founder of Prometheus.

“With our in-platform social content, investors of all types can gain insights from thought leaders, democratizing access to some of the leading investment professionals today.”

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