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iCapital launches iMAP


iCapital, the worldwide fintech platform, has introduced the iCapital Model Portfolio and iMAP to clients..

Over 100,000 US financial advisers who employ iCapital’s platform now have access to the first model portfolio, iMAP (iCapital Multi-Asset Portfolio), with other portfolio models anticipated to emerge in the following months.

Advisers can quickly assess the effects of adding alternative investments to standard portfolio holdings by conducting an analysis with iCapital’s Architect tool for portfolio design.

The purpose of iCapital’s Model Portfolios is to help allocate assets among alternative investments and find advanced goods that match those allocations.

The Model Portfolios suite, created applying quantitative analysis by iCapital‘s research and diligence team, provides a comprehensive and flexible solution for financial advisers to incorporate these assets into their business.

Moreover, the Multi-Asset Portfolio offers a well-balanced alternative investment allocation across five funds from managers in private equity, private credit, and real assets.

Being the first portfolio accessible, iMAP, is a well-diversified holding that invests in private markets to generate both income and growth.

It aspires to create overall returns with lower volatility and reductions than traditional asset classes, allowing it to better manage market stress.

The portfolio streamlines the entire process, from due diligence and manager selection to investment, building, and continuing management.

Lawrence Calcano, chairman and CEO of iCapital said: “We are excited to introduce iCapital Model Portfolios, an innovative application for wealth managers to incorporate alternative investments into their clients’ portfolios. As demand grows, iCapital will continue to work with leading alternative asset managers to design and curate additional outcome-based models.”

Dana D’Auria, co-chief investment officer and group president of Envestnet Solutions added: “The introduction of iCapital Model Portfolios greatly simplifies the creation of diversified portfolios with an allocation to alternatives. This focus on asset class enables advisors to build holistic portfolios for their clients through this accessible, ready-to-use format. Advisers, already familiar with establishing client allocations using trusted models on the Envestnet platform, will find iCapital’s integration of this growing asset class into their workflows to be a straightforward process. It’s a significant innovation in portfolio management.”

“We are proud that our direct lending strategy is a leading allocation in iCapital’s iMAP model portfolio. Since we began partnering with iCapital in 2017, we have been committed to unlocking access to the private markets for financial advisers and their clients,” stated Sean Connor, President & CEO Global Private Wealth at Blue Owl Capital.

“We believe models are a critical tool to simplify and enhance the investment experience for advisers seeking to integrate high quality alternative investment strategies into portfolios. Private credit can deliver consistent income and capital preservation for investors and Blue Owl is one of the leaders in this asset class. iCapital Model Portfolios distill the essence of balanced portfolio theory into a practical tool that wealth managers can implement for their clients immediately.”

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