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Vincent Makes Investing into Alternative Assets Easier by Launching VALT – The First Professionally Managed Diversified Alts Product


NEW YORK–()–Vincent, the leading alternative investment search platform, announces VALT Asset Management to provide investors access to world-class alternative assets once reserved only for institutional investors. Open for investments today, VALT offers portfolios of institutional-grade alternative assets — including venture capital, cryptocurrency, collectibles, real estate, art, and debt — to individual investors.

VALT launches amid explosive interest in alternative investments, with the global market projected to grow from $13.9 trillion in 2020 to $26 trillion by 2026. During the current climate of economic uncertainty, investors are increasingly looking to alternative assets that are not correlated to the public markets.

VALT is a professionally-managed investment product developed by a team at Vincent, the world’s largest alternative investment search engine that has more than $6 billion in opportunities. VALT enhances Vincent’s offer and is designed to meet investor demand for a seamless investment experience that provides highly-curated and diversified alternative asset portfolios not available through today’s popular investment platforms. With one single investment, VALT investors gain access to industry-leading portfolios of prized alternative assets identified through Vincent’s proprietary research and data.

“Investors today have unprecedented access to an incredibly broad array of opportunities well beyond traditional stock and bonds,” said Vincent co-founder Slava Rubin who previously founded crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. “As Vincent saw explosive growth across all alternative classes, we instantly recognized the need for a product that distills this complex market into portfolios designed for the average investor.”

VALT was built as a digitally-native alternative investment product providing an unparalleled investment experience of transparency for every investor. Through the VALT mobile app, investors can track their portfolio, access research data and register for exclusive investor calls with the VALT investment team. Some of the most notable names in business and finance have already invested in the first VALT portfolio that launched in November, including Joe Lonsdale, Jenny Fielding and Jason Calacanis. The first VALT fund consists of more than 30 alternative assets, including shares in SpaceX and Discord, a pair of original Air Jordans autographed by Michael Jordan, art by Yayoi Kusama, investment-grade Babe Ruth and Serena Williams trading cards and more.

In addition to the professionally managed portfolios currently available, VALT is developing exciting new products and infrastructure to meet surging demand for alternative assets from investors at every level.

Vincent was co-founded by Slava Rubin along with Evan Cohen and Eric Cantor. Prior to Vincent, Cohen was a partner at venture fund HCVC while Cantor is a five-time company founder with 20 years of alternative investment experience.

About Vincent

Vincent is the leading search platform for alternative investments. Headquartered in New York City, Vincent has built the world’s largest search engine aggregating thousands of investment opportunities across every major alternative investment platform. Since the company’s launch in 2020, more than 400,000 individuals have used Vincent to browse over 4.5 million search results. Learn more about Vincent at withvincent.com.

About VALT

VALT is the world’s first digital-native asset manager dedicated exclusively to alternative assets. Through a mobile-first platform, VALT has modernized the alternative investing experience, providing unprecedented access to industry-leading alternative investment research data and other educational resources. VALT is on a mission to distill the complex alternatives market into world-class portfolios of curated assets that are accessible to individual investors through an investment in VALT funds.

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