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Asset servicing technology news | SimCorp and Diligend partner on digitisation solution

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Software-as-a-service company SimCorp and due diligence software provider Diligend have partnered to help clients further digitise their operations.

Through the collaboration, clients’ due diligence responsibilities will become an operational process that can help them to identify and manage risks, both before and after making an allocation.

SimCorp’s investment management platform, SimCorp Dimension, will host Diligend’s solutions.

Diligent Collect offers due diligence and ESG metric aggregation services to asset owners and allocators, while Diligend Respond helps asset managers to respond to due diligence requests.

Commenting on the partnership, Hugues Chabanis, head of strategic initiatives at SimCorp, comments: “We have spent decades streamlining and digitalising business workflows for our clients. Over the past year of working with Dilligend and our joint clients, we have already identified numerous synergies that complement our various public and private market solutions.

“Ultimately, the strong pairing of SimCorp’s and Diligend’s expertise areas will enable our clients to rely less and less on manual work for their data management operations, and focus more on their core value-adding tasks: utilising and leveraging data insights.”

Wissen Souissi, CEO and founder of Diligend, adds: “SimCorp is the ideal partner for us with their alternative investments solution widely used at many of the largest global financial institutions. Working together, SimCorp and Diligend can deliver a tailored experience for joint clients to make the most of emerging opportunities and identify and manage risks efficiently throughout.”

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