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Fix market prices of essential commodities — NCD to Govt.


Dimapur, May 26 (EMN): Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) on Thursday urged the state govt. to fix market prices of essential commodities and monitor the prices on a regular basis.

NCD observed that with increase of fuel prices, there is always an increase of market prices of all essential items.

“In the recent past, fuel price of both petrol and diesel has already been slashed down but the market price of all items remained unchanged. In addition to this slashing down of the prices, Govt. has already removed and closed down all check gates thereby collection of tax does not arise any more if all the citizens give concerted efforts,” it read. It, therefore, requested the authority to “re-fix” the market price of all items and keep a check on the fixed prices on a regular basis.

NCD further lauded the decision of the government to close all check gates to curb alleged illegal collection of money by government departments, NGOs, civil societies and associations in the state.

NCD stated the successful implementation of the order not only lies with the Government alone but with civil society, associations or individuals as well. NCD further extended full cooperation to the Govt. for implementing the order strictly and offered its services whenever it is needed.

“The Govt. will not come and stand at our door steps of establishments, but now it is the responsibility of all the colony councils and individuals to control, monitor and bring to the notice of the competent authority of any concern without any hesitation,” it read.

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