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Hart Energy Introduces Live Commodities Market Data Feed as Free Tool on HartEnergy.com


HOUSTON, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hart Energy today announced the addition of a new commodities market data feed as a free feature on the homepage of HartEnergy.com. As a leading global network for energy news, data, insights and events, Hart Energy’s new tool provides even more timely, relevant and actionable information to energy and investment professionals at a time of historic pricing volatility.

The commodities pricing data feed delivers updated prices every 15 minutes for all major energy commodities as well as a single click historical price function displaying prices for a day, week, month, quarter, half year or year. The expansive tool also includes live tracking of future price movements in a single view.

The tool’s Energy Markets Data center includes tracking for major energy stocks and for companies in categories such as Large Cap, Small Cap and E&P. Additionally, detailed company pages for major stocks include market statistics, a five year historical pricing feature with integrated financial charting tools including Ichimoku, 100 SMA, 20 EMA and general trend lines plus the latest related energy news from around the globe.

“This unique free commodities data feed and predictive tool is a natural addition to the timely relevant and robust news and data we provide across the global energy industry,” said John Hartig, CEO of Hart Energy. “We’ve already seen tremendous growth in site visits and engagement with the new tool since it went live, and we know that keeping a pulse on markets, both current and future, throughout the day provides real value for our readers, sponsors, and the industry at large.”

About Hart Energy

Since 1973, Hart Energy has been the global energy industry’s comprehensive multi-channel network providing news, data, insights and events. At Hart Energy, our mission is to create, aggregate, organize and analyze timely and targeted information across platforms in ways that business professionals and investors can trust for making energy-related decisions.


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