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Harvest Commodities announces departure of two grain ships from Ukraine

Harvest Commodities

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Harvest Commodities has announced the departure of its vessel, M/V Riva Wind, carrying 55,000 tonnes of grain, from the Port of Odesa, Ukraine.

A second ship, named M/V Arizona, departed from Ukraine’s Port of Chornomorsk with another 55,000 tonnes of grain.

The grain belongs to a joint venture (JV) between Harvest Commodities and Indonesia-based Arsari Group.

The JV is formed through PT Comexindo International.

The vessels are among the first commercial shipments from the region since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. Both ships are cruising towards Turkey.

The safe passage of the vessels is facilitated by an agreement between the US, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and Indonesian Governments, under the guidance of the United Nations (UN).

Harvest Commodities chairman Gaurav Srivastava said: “I would like to congratulate the collaboration among the leadership of the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia and Türkiye (formerly known as Turkey) for finding enough common ground so that they have an aligned vision to alleviate the global food shortage.

“I hope this can be a first step toward de-escalation of the conflict.”

Furthermore, two additional ships are carrying grain owned by Harvest Commodities from Novorossiysk, Russia.

The ships include the M/V Shark, with 25,000 tonnes of grain, and the M/V Bronco, with 10,000 tonnes of grain.

Last week, the Joint Coordination Centre (JCC), established by representatives from the governments of Ukraine, Russia and Turkey, with the support of the UN, approved the departure of three ships loaded with grain from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports.

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