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Here’s the opportunity to learn commodity trading


Want to trade in the commodity market, but don’t know the method? Want to learn but don’t know where to learn from? If you also have these two questions, then consider your problem solved.

CNBC Awaaz has taken the initiative to teach people the tricks of the commodity market through a webinar called ‘Commodity Gurukul’.

In this webinar on the commodity market, well-known veterans of the market will teach you the tricks of trading in the commodity market. They will share their experiences. They will share their experience in the commodity market. What lessons did they learn from the market so far, what mistakes did they make, that you should not make.

What will you learn?

1) What are the fundamentals of the commodity market?

2) How to do technical analysis?

3) How to read charts?

4) Special technical indicators for commodity

4) How to do derivative trading?

5) How to make a risk management strategy?

6) Which global indicators should be kept in mind?

In this one-day webinar to be held on 18 May 2024, market experts will not only answer all your questions in simple language but will also try to explain real-life case studies, and what mistakes to avoid in trading.

This webinar of Commodity Gurukul will not only benefit new investors. It will also be beneficial for those traders who trade in commodities or related things in some way or the other. Since volatility is the highest in commodity trading, therefore, the focus will be specifically on risk management and hedging in this webinar.

We do not claim at all that you will become an expert commodity trader with a one-day webinar. But we will introduce you to the process, following which you will be able to move towards becoming a profitable trader.

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