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Meet some of the projects backed by USDA


The US Department of Agriculture recently unveiled the 70 projects that will be supported as part of the first funding pool totalling US$2.8bn. DairyReporter rounds-up some of the dairy industry pilots that have been backed by the Department – and how these are set to be realized . . .

Value to farmers

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is planning to leverage its vast cooperative farmer network in a pilot project that aims to establish ‘a powerful self-sustaining circular economy model’. Explaining the co-op’s intentions, Kevin O’Donnell, DFA’s senior vice-president for sustainability, told DairyReporter: “The Climate Smart Commodities pilot will provide DFA and our family farm-owners with the opportunity to drive scale in low-carbon farming practices that build on existing work, so this is an exciting opportunity to provide more support, technologies, and resources for our farm families’ dairies in the identified pilot milksheds.

“Our prioritized focus areas include practices that enhance soil health and increase soil carbon sequestration, plus other practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing value to farmers.” – Kevin O’Donnell, Dairy Farmers of America

“The grant will allow us to provide methane-reduction technologies and practices to our family farm owners that today are not as widely implemented as they could be due to financial constraints,”​ he continued. “Providing these resources will allow us to accelerate the learning process of what is effective at scale and what is not. It’s a learning journey.”

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