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New Venue for 2024 Commodity Classic

New Venue for 2024 Commodity Classic

New Venue for 2024 Commodity Classic

Lorrie Boyer

This year’s commodity Classic is slated for February 28. through March 2 in Houston, Texas. Brandon Whipf is co-chair along with Brandon Honeycutt of this year’s event with is a farmer in central South Dakota and a member of the American Soybean Association Board of Directors. In addition to Houston being a brand-new venue. He highlights other first-time events that will happen during this year’s commodity classic.

“Typically what we’ve done is start our trade show Thursday morning and have it run through Saturday this year. We’re starting it on Wednesday afternoon. And so the trade show will be all wrapped up by Friday. This gives our attendees the opportunity to enjoy the Houston rodeo on Saturday, which is another first time kind of new thing that we’ve never been able to interact with before. So the Houston rodeo is the world’s largest rodeo and it’s a lot more than a rodeo. They do a rodeo event every day. There’s also cooking competitions and carnival going on and then in the evening or in the late afternoon. They have a concert on their rodeo grounds which is the football stadium there in Houston and the types of acts that they bring in it’s just absolutely big name, main headline act and so we’re actually going to be having Hardy give a concert on Saturday night after a classic that was wrapped up.”

The Commodity Classic is presented by the American Soybean Association, National Corn Growers Association National Association of Wheat Growers.

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