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Prices of essential commodities skyrocket

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An unprecedented hike in the price of essential commodities including vegetables, fruit, chicken eggs, pulses, flour nd ghee have been witnessed in the open market in the recent few days.

Weekly sasta bazaars have also turned into inflation centres and wholesale markets have also increased the prices of grocery items. Price magistrates have completely failed to enforce official price rates.

In the open market, chickpea is being sold at Rs280 per kg, chicken meat at Rs410 per kg, eggs at Rs242 per dozen, mutton for Rs1600 per kg, beef for Rs900 per kg, milk at Rs170 per litre, curd for Rs190 per kg, ghee for Rs550 per kg whereas white chickpeas are being sold at Rs300 per kg.

However, prices are expected to rise again from September 28. The price of plain roti will be increased to Rs20 each which was previously sold at Rs13. Similarly, the price of white roti will also be increased to Rs30 also. Naan will be sold at Rs35 whereas paratha will be sold at Rs50 each.

There has been a sharp increase in the prices of vegetables as well such that potato is being sold at Rs80 per kg, onions at Rs90, Pea at Rs300 per kg, tomatoes at Rs150 per kg, garlic at Rs300, ginger at Rs320, lemon at Rs220, green chillies at Rs300, Bell peppers at Rs310, bitter gourd at Rs140, cabbage for Rs130, pumpkin for Rs80, eggplant for Rs80, lady finger for Rs100 per kg, fresh beans at Rs140, Turnips at Rs100, Radish for Rs50, Carrot for Rs100, Taro root at Rs110 per kg and coriander is being sold at Rs50.

Similarly, prices of fruits have also skyrocketed in recent days such that apple now cost Rs200 per kg, sweet lime for Rs 250 per dozen, mosambi (orange) for Rs150 per dozen, bananas for Rs100 per dozen, peaches for Rs250 per kg, guava for Rs100 per kg, grapes for Rs300 per kg, grape round for Rs200 per kg and pomegranate is being sold at Rs200 per kg.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 26th, 2022.

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