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Commodity Futures Markets – Elliott Wave Trading Strategies


Commodity Futures Market Summary: Elliott Wave Trading Strategies; US Spot Gold, GDX, Silver, Crude Oil, US Dollar Index DXY, Copper, Natural Gas, Nickel, Iron Ore, Uranium and Invesco DB Agriculture Fund EFT (DBA).
Market Summary: Stronger USD is seeing softer commodity prices. Soft commodities corn, wheat, sugar, and soybeans are dragging down the ETF DB Agricultural. Expect a small rally in gold and silver but the main trend is still lower in a larger corrective pattern.
Hard commodities nickel, copper and uranium are under pressure and have further downside. The energy sector crude and natural gas also have further declines to come.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Dollar Index DXY.
01:27 US Spot Gold & GDX ETF.
05:30 US Spot Silver.
10:50 Crude Oil.
11:52 Natural Gas.
13:28 Iron Ore.
15:36 Copper / ETF.
17:27 Nickel.
19:19 Uranium ETF.
20:55 Thanks for watching!

Commodity Futures Overview

Elliott Wave Counts:
Gold  Elliott wave Triangle or bearish.
Dollar Index DXY Elliott ABC Wave (4).
Iron Ore Elliott wave waiting to confirm count.
Crude Oil Elliott wave IMpulse wave and trading long.
Copper Elliott wave Impulse wave trading long.
Nickel Elliott Wave Impulse and trading long.
Uranium ETF Elliott wave Impulse wave trading long.
Natural Gas Elliott Wave 5 of (3).

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