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Commodity prices today, July 7: Here are the prices of key vegetables and pulses in major cities

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Vegetable and pulses price today: Urad dal was the most expensive kitchen commodity in the national capital on Thursday, July 7, 2022. Among the key pulses sold in the city, urad was retailing at Rs 117 per kg while tur/arhar dal was available at Rs 100 a kg, data available on the Department of Consumer Affairs’ website showed.

Among other pulses, moong dal was sold at Rs 98 per kg while masoor dal was available at Rs 92. Gram dal, which is used for making besan (gram flour), was available at Rs 70, the data showed.

Among the key vegetables, tomato was sold at Rs 52 a kg, while potato and onion were retailing at Rs 27 and Rs 26 respectively in Delhi.

Here are today’s vegetable and pulses prices (in Rs/kg) in the top five cities of India:

City Potato Onion Tomato Gram Dal Tur/Arhar Dal Urad Dal Moong Dal Masoor Dal
Delhi 27 26 52 70 100 117 98 92
Mumbai 35 25 48 79 115 120 120 102
Kolkata 30 27 55 71 103 97 100 100
Guwahati 28 28 60 64 91 85 91 88
Chennai 37 27 22 69 96 97 92 89
Source: Department of Consumer Affairs (Price Monitoring Division)


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