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Hedge Fund Renaissance Technologies LLC Increases Stake in Six Flags Entertainment Co. by Over 100%

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Renaissance Technologies LLC, the renowned hedge fund firm, has boosted its stake in Six Flags Entertainment Co. by a whopping 101.4% according to the latest Form 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The hedge fund reportedly acquired an additional 531,300 shares of Six Flags Entertainment stock during the fourth quarter and now owns approximately 1.27% of the company’s shares worth $24,540,000 at the end of Q1 2017.

Six Flags Entertainment Corp. is a leading owner and operator of water parks and amusement theme parks across North America. The company offers a wide range of attractions, including rides, concerts and shows, themed areas, water attractions, game venues, retail outlets and restaurants under its brand name ‘Six Flags.’ Founded by Angus G. Wynne Jr., Six Flags currently enjoys a strong patronage from customers who are enamoured by its unique facilities.

In other news pertaining to Six Flags Entertainment Co., CFO Gary Mick made a purchase of 5,000 shares of Six Flags Entertainment stock on May 10th at an average cost per share of $26.62 for a total outlay amounting to $133,100. As a result of this acquisition, Mr Mick currently holds direct ownership of 82,237 shares valued at approximately $2,189,148 at current prices. The transaction was officially disclosed through documentation filed with the SEC.

According to researchers tracking corporate moves in recent years with keen interest in relation to shareholder activities undertaken by major investment firms such as Renaissance Technologies LLC and various insider trading disclosures that have come to light; this latest acquisition is being viewed as just another move by Renaissance Technologies LLC in their ongoing strategy aimed at reinforcing their position within the booming entertainment industry sector in North America.

One cannot help but ponder about what master plan these hedge funds have hatched as they continue their high stakes buyout spree which seems to have taken the entertainment sector by storm. While some industry experts believe that this move may be part of a diversification ploy adopted by Renaissance Technologies LLC owing to the gradual erosion of profits in traditional sectors, others opine that they might have something more significant in mind. Either way, it is clear that Six Flags Entertainment Co. stands to benefit from the company’s expertise and financial backing going forward. It remains to be seen how Six Flags will react as we move forward into an uncertain future for business, finance and investments at large, with economic volatility at an unprecedented high worldwide – only time can truly tell!

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation



Updated on: 09/06/2023

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Thrilling Success: Six Flags Entertainment as a Leading Theme Park Operator

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation: A Leader in Theme Parks Ownership and Operation

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, commonly known as Six Flags, is a leading operator of theme parks and water parks throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. The company was founded by Angus G. Wynne Jr. in Arlington, Texas in 1961.

As of recent reports, the stock prices of Six Flags Entertainment have gone up significantly due to changes made by various large investors to their positions within the company. CWM LLC raised its position in Six Flags Entertainment by 51.7% during the fourth quarter while Captrust Financial Advisors and Quadrant Capital Group LLC grew their positions by 34% and 36.3%, respectively, during this time period.

Point72 Hong Kong Ltd also bought a new stake worth $77,000 while KBC Group NV bought a new stake worth approximately $109,000 in shares of Six Flags Entertainment during the first and third quarters of this fiscal year.

92.11% of the stock is owned by institutional investors which has helped boost confidence among potential investors in regards to future profitability.

Some equities analysts recently weighed in on SIX stock rating it with an average rating of “Hold” while a consensus target price for the company has been established at $31.46.

As reported on Friday, June 4th, SIX stock opened at $27.30 per share with its market capitalization amounting to $2.27 billion which marks an impressive climb from its 12-month low point at $16.83 as well as its high point at $31.29 over that same timeline.

In May 2021, Six Flags’ financial results exceeded analysts’ expectations with revenue for Q1 totaling $142 million compared to initial estimates of only about $133 million despite reporting an earnings per share (EPS) figure that fell short of projections.

Through promoting a range of attractions including rides, water activities, concerts and shows, restaurants and retail outlets, Six Flags Entertainment has proven itself to be a top player in the world of theme park operations. As the industry continues to recover from pandemic-related challenges, many experts predict that this trend is set to continue into the future.

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