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Hedge Funds Help Support Retired Police Officers — Neuse News


Written by Jackie Rogers:

As a retired North Carolina State Trooper with 30 years of service, I know that law enforcement careers are rewarding — but also dangerous and challenging at times. That’s one of the reasons it’s critical to provide those going into law enforcement with the peace of mind that comes with financial security when they retire. One somewhat surprising source of that financial security comes through hedge funds.  

Many North Carolinians may not realize that pensions often invest with hedge funds to deliver reliable returns to their beneficiaries over time. Hedge funds are often misunderstood, but they are an essential part of our financial system and use investing strategies to deliver returns, even in times of market instability.  

In fact, hedge funds deliver $19.8 billion for 16 North Carolina retirement plans, including the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer and the Reynolds American Defined Benefit Master Trust. This is money in the pocket for families of those who have served and protected the Tar Heel State.  

Unfortunately, some policymakers in Washington want to hamstring hedge funds’ ability to invest. This would directly impact North Carolina families — including dedicated public servants — who rely on their pensions for retirement security. Rather than score political points, these policymakers should reexamine the vital role that hedge funds play in everyday North Carolinians’ lives and let them do what they do best: deliver for retirement security. 


Jackie Rogers is a retired Highway Patrolman and current candidate for Sheriff in Lenoir County.

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