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Rich List 2022: The hedge fund, bank, and fintech billionaires that made the cut


From hedge funds and asset managers to bankers and fintech bosses, the City has once again featured heavily in the latest index of the thousand wealthiest individuals in Britain.

The annual Sunday Times Rich List, published 20 May, is topped by Sri and Gopi Hinduja and family.

Their fortune of £28.5bn is up by £11.5bn, and is the largest amount recorded in the history of the list. It marks the fourth time brothers Sri, 86, and Gopi, 82, Hinduja are among the top slots.

Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken and her investment banker husband Michel de Carvalho also made the list, at number 10, down one position from last year, with their £11.4bn fortune down by £592m from 2021.

Well-known City hedge funders to make the cut included Michael Platt, with his £10bn fortune, now in 11th position, up from 18th a year ago. 

One of the UK’s best-known activist investors and hedge fund bosses, Chris Hohn, made a showing again, with assets worth £2.6bn, while other familiar City names also featured, including FN25 stars Sir Paul Marshall and Ian Wace, as well as Andrew Law, Ross Turner and Andy Brown.

Meanwhile, Nik Storonsky, founder of fintech Revolut, jumped into 36th place from 165th last year, amassing £4.6bn, up £573m from 2021.

His path to wealth has been rapid. At just 20 years of age, Storonsky graduated from Moscow’s Institute of Physics and Technology and headed to the Big Smoke to make his fortune, the Times reports. But his background no doubt features complications.

According to the Times, the 37-year-old banker’s Ukrainian father, Nikolay Mironovich Storonsky, is a director at the Kremlin-controlled energy giant Gazprom. In 2018, that connection triggered a probe into Revolut by Lithuanian officials over its European banking licence. But Storonsky is among London-based Russians, “at pains” to put distance between him and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

In another strong showing for fintechs, Vlad Yatsenko, co-founder of Revolut, was another newcomer to the list with a £1bn fortune, ranking at 173. Money transfer service Wise founder Kristo Käärmann also debuted, with £865m, ranking at 198.

Also debuting this year, at position 222 — and not without controversy — is the UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty, with a £730m fortune sourced from the technology and hedge fund industry. Murty’s father is Indian billionaire NR Narayana Murthy, a co-founder of the IT giant Infosys. She also holds a 0.93 per cent stake in the company, worth around £690m, the Times reported.

Financial News sifted through the top 250 figures on the list. Here’s your highlights of the leading names in finance. (Figures in brackets indicates ranking for 2021):

Rank: 1 (3)
Sri and Gopi Hinduja and family
▲ £11.472bn
Sector: Industry and finance

Rank 10 (9)
Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken and Michel de Carvalho
▼ £592m
Sector: Inheritance, brewing and banking

Rank 11= (18)
Michael Platt
▲ £2bn
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 36 (165=)
Nik Storonsky
▲ £4.2bn
Sector: Financial services: Revolut

Rank 40 (35)
Leonie Schroder and family
▼ £573m
Sector: Finance

Rank 67 (65=)
Sir Chris Hohn
▲ £100m
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 86 (69)
Peter Hargreaves
▼ £342m
Sector: Finance: Hargreaves Lansdown

Rank 89= (187)
Alex Gerko
▲ £1.125bn
Sector: Finance

Rank  104 (133=)
Chris Rokos
▲ £500m
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 105= (107=)
Sir Michael Hintze
▲ £200m
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 117 (107=)
Alan Howard
▲ £50m
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 128 (217)
Yan Huo
▲ £619m
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 149= (138=)
John Armitage
No change
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 173= (165=)
William Bollinger
No change
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 173= (New)
Vlad Yatsenko
★ New entry
Sector: Financial services

Rank 181 (172)
Tom Sandell
▼ £10m
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 189 (127)
Lord and Lady Cruddas
▼ £414m
Sector: Finance

Rank 191= (186)
Ellis Short
▲ £20m
Sector: Finance

Rank 198= (New)
Kristo Käärmann
★ New entry
Sector: Finance: Wise

Rank 201 (198)
Sir Peter Wood
▲ £45m
Sector: Insurance: esure

Rank 204 (199)
Andy Brown
▼ £1m
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 212= (234)
Ross Turner
▲ £122m
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 218= (New)
Andrew Law
★ New entry
Sector: Hedge fund

222= (New)
Akshata Murty and Rishi Sunak
★ New entry
Sector: Technology and hedge fund

Rank 238= (239=)
Sir Paul Marshall
▲ £35m
Sector: Hedge fund

Rank 238= (239=)
Ian Wace
▲ £35m
Sector: Hedge fund

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