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Israeli Investment Firm Titan Launches New $100 Million Fund


Israel-based investment firm Titan Capital Partners, announced a new $100 million global fund this week that combines fundraising investment rounds with the purchase of secondary positions in either companies or funds in Israel and the US. 

The firm aims to invest an additional $100-$200 million over the next three years through its other managed co-investment vehicles. 

The purpose of the Titan fund is to help companies and entrepreneurs form and solidify international relationships in financial markets, which are necessary to raise strategic late-stage rounds and to acquire other companies, the company has said. Titan will align the internal interests between shareholders and company management through the use of secondary transactions to address the potential conflicts that can grow between the two parties the longer a company remains private. 

The fund primarily focuses on software and internet companies that are raising Round B and higher and only invests in companies that demonstrate a financial performance of at least $10 million in sales with at least 80 percent annual growth. 

“We are very selective with which companies we team up with and examine them for objective financial results that are hard to hide,” said Ben Topor, founder and managing partner of the Titan fund. 

Founded in late 2021 by Ben Topor, Titan’s fund collaborates with portfolio companies including management consulting firms and provides an action plan that includes names of 30-40 strategic relationships that entrepreneurs can be introduced to post-investing. This is done to strengthen international ties to better guarantee future financial security. 

Titan Capital Partners has raised funds from five global family offices of billionaires from Israel, the US, England, Australia and South Korea as well as the wealth management groups of three global investment banks from the US and Switzerland. Since its $100 million closing, the firm has invested $14 million in transcription and captioning company Verbit.ai. The fund is expected to generate 10-15 transactions, with an investment of up to $15 million each. 

“The secret in venture capital is access,” said Topor. “Our structuring flexibility and combination of investments in both company and fund vehicles is a significant force-multiplier in the market and allows our LPs to gain exposure to the best companies––the Titans––in a smart and quick fashion. We do not talk but do. Because of the group’s personal connections in the US as well as the large LP investors in the fund, we have a real ability to invite and influence global investment giants to join our companies, which can maximize value to these targets.”

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