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Lincolnshire Management’s Barrier Goes Down Niche in Fire Safety


Whether it’s a hospital, nursing home or urgent care facility, one lesson the coronavirus pandemic provided for the general public was that critical healthcare facilities can’t simply shut down for a week, a day or even a few hours.

So when it comes to addressing vital components within those facilities — take, for example, fire-rated doors that prevent fires from spreading throughout a facility — it’s critical to have a service provider capable of repairing such components and keeping those components from rarely ever needing repairs that can interrupt services.

That’s part of the sales pitch for Barrier Cos. as told by the platform’s private equity owners, Lincolnshire Management Inc. The firm continues to roll up regional and national fire door, wall and damper inspection and repair services companies in the U.S., a very niche segment of the already very specific subsector of life and fire safety compliance services.

Barrier recently struck its second and third acquisitions since Lincolnshire teamed up with company management and Veronis Suhler Stevenson LLC to recapitalize the company in April 2021, managing directors Tad Nedeau and Philip I. Kim told The Deal.

In early July, the company closed on deals for Stilwell, Kan.-based Fire Door Solutions and St. Petersburg, Fla.-based United Fire Door.

Fire Door Solutions provides fire and life safety compliance services for healthcare facilities nationwide, while United Fire Door provides specialized inspection services throughout the Southeast.

The companies were high on the wish list for Lincolnshire Management as add-ons, Nedeau and Kim said, as was Livermore, Calif.-based services provider Prevent Life Safety Services Inc., which Barrier picked up in November as its first add-on deal.

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