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Pelo Buddy TV Episode 176 – Private equity firms to buy Peloton?, Search by Name feature, the Sims 60, Ben & Kirra class series & more Peloton news in this week’s Peloton Podcast


Pelo Buddy TV is an unofficial weekly TV show & Peloton podcast, for the Peloton community, by the Peloton community. Episode 176 is now available! You can watch the episode embedded below, or see it here directly on YouTube.

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This episode is hosted by John Prewitt (#Kenny_Bania) and Amanda Segal (#Seglo3).

This week we cover the following Peloton news stories & updates:

Recommended Peloton Classes of the Week

Each week, our viewers along with our co-hosts share some classes that were worth checking out from the last week. You can find them below. As always keep in mind there are hundreds of classes every week, so it’s impossible for this to be a completely comprehensive list! If you have some to share, be sure to submit your favorites via a post we make in our Instagram stories on Wednesday nights. The leaderboard name of the member(s) who suggested it to us is at the end of each class name.

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