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Planify an invincible Private Equity marketplace


For startups without a Rolodex and investors looking for the curation of attractive companies to invest in, Planify is a breath of fresh air.


Venture Capital in India was known since the nineties era. It is now that it has successfully emerged for all the business firms that take up risky projects and have high growth prospects as well. Venture Capital in India is provided as risk capital in the forms of shares, seed capital, and other similar means. A new private company that does not want to take finance from public markets may have its eyes on venture capital. Venture capital is provided to any business firm by those who are willing to invest in projects that are risky but have promising future prospects.


Venture capital has now gained a certain degree of densification, maturity, and edification in India. It is a more wide way of getting finances for investment in business enterprises that hold a bright future in terms of profit and as well as growth.


Planify Capital Private Limited is a fintech company that is working to create India’s largest private equity marketplace. Planify is for investors looking for pre-IPO opportunities, entrepreneurs looking for investment, and startup workers looking to increase their net worth.

The company invests in early and growth-stage companies across sectors in India.


Rajesh Singla, Founder & CEO, of Planify, said, “The financial investment process has evolved a lot with time in India. Earlier there were only commercial banks and some financial institutes but now with venture capital investment institutes, India has grown a lot. Business forms now focus on expansion because they can get financial support with venture capital and other marketplaces designed for fundraising. The scale and quality of business enterprises have increased in India now. With international competition, there have been a number of growth-oriented business firms that have invested in venture capital. All the business firms that deal in information technology, manufacturing products as well as providing contemporary services can opt for these investments.”


“Furthermore, earlier startups only had banks as a source of capital which used to look for the credibility and the scope of these companies in the future market. This made the process more complex, time taking, and difficult for a company that is in its initial stage. With the FinTech solutions in the market, the startups now have more options and ways in which they can work towards growth” he added.


“There are certain limitations in the old system where time to get the money in the bank ranges between 6-12 months for a startup after signing the term sheet whereas Planify is able to get a lot of processes and due diligence automated and hence able to cut down that time to 1-3 months. Investors may communicate directly with management and learn about their plans for expansion,” Singla said.


“Planify aims to HNIs, Ultra-HNIs, and accredited investors, a better private market investment experience. Previously, investors had to commit to a certain fund or portfolio to invest in private firms, and they couldn’t pick and choose which companies to invest in based on their interests and risk tolerance, but planify now allows them to do so. Planify has redefined the traditional model of venture capital by creating the first marketplace for private market investors to build their own portfolios based on their preferred sector, company, and risk appetite.”


Planify allows HNIs, Ultra HNIs, and accredited investors, as well as affluent people, to invest in firms at the ideation stage, early revenue stages, startup companies looking for growth capital, as well as unicorns, and PreIPOs. It offers firms valuation models, pitch decks, and investment decks that have a high level of credibility, and it uses them to sell company shares.


Planify initially started by helping companies that had a turnover of more than Rs. 25 crore. Later on, Planify realized the need for funding in start-ups and companies in the initial phase, which show competence and have great potential to generate a good return in the future for themselves as well as for the investors. Planify does not only aim to raise funds for current requirements but also helps them with subsequent funding rounds until they get listed.


There is a huge demand for start-ups to gravitate towards private equity funding, where investors enjoy a good return and become a part of something big. Planify aims to provide private equity not only to unicorns, PreIpo or start-ups but also to companies seeking seed or initial funding rounds, attracting shark tank companies as a result.


Planify is currently planning to launch two companies PawsIndia, and ExperientialEtc, which were featured on Shark Tank for fundraising on its platform in the coming two weeks. While recently it helped Bazar India  (Mayasheel retail) and Madbow ventures ltd in raising 25 cr and 15 cr respectively.


If we talk about numbers and growth, Planify did 4.5 cr of turnover in the very first year it started and achieved 300% (14cr) in 2nd year. Last financial year the aim was 50 cr but with the love of investors and channel partners, it has achieved 151 cr which is 1000% growth in terms of turnover.

The company has successfully achieved a PAT of 10.1 cr which is 3,200% growth in terms of profit growth and is a zero-debt organization and has paid 2.5 cr as advance tax, while its Return on equity is 192% which itself tells of its growth and returns.


Planify is a fintech startup that is focused on building India’s first marketplace for private equity. Planify is India’s most trusted website for investing in upcoming initial public offerings (IPOs). It helps startups and entrepreneurs with fundraising by providing seed funding, start-up funding, and growth funding through accredited investors.


Planify also offers secondary sales of private equity shares of Pre-IPO companies, upcoming IPOs, and companies that have stopped trading on exchanges. It also offers employees the opportunity to sell their ESOPs to achieve handsome returns.


Disclaimer : Above mentioned article is a sponsored feature, This article is a paid publication and does not have journalistic/editorial involvement of IDPL, and IDPL claims no responsibility whatsoever.





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