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Private equity is now open to individual investors


Sachin Khajuria, first-time guest and author of Two and Twenty: How the Masters of Private Equity Always Win, joins me for an insider’s take on the private equity sector.

Sachin breaks down private equity in layman’s terms, including the “secret sauce” that drives the incredible success of the business model… and how it’s getting easier for individual investors to get involved in the space. But not all private equity is created equal… Sachin shares how he identifies the best opportunities.

Inside this episode:

  • Private equity in layman’s terms [4:00]
  • The secret to success in private markets [7:05]
  • The power of a global network [11:50]
  • The key to finding the right opportunities [16:51]
  • How private equity investors are adjusting to rising rates [22:20]
  • How individual investors can participate in private equity [30:05]
  • An overview of Two and Twenty [36:10]
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