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Unquote Private Equity Podcast: Après IPEM and the road ahead


Following the eighth edition of the IPEM conference in Cannes, Harriet Matthews and Min Ho share what they gleaned from their conversations with market participants there, looking ahead to how this is likely to shape the private equity industry in 2023.


A couple of weeks on from the conference and with the reporting team now firmly reinstalled in the City of London, the themes and concerns raised by industry professionals at the conference are still present.

Although fundraising and dealmaking obstacles remain, sponsors are looking for ways to overcome these, seeking out resilient companies or those with significant value creation potential.

Bright spots also include value investing, impact and healthcare – and it is good news for those who are ready and willing into this challenging environment.

1:29 – A change in sentiment
3:33 – Fundraising woes
5:20 – Valuations in question
6:51 – Bright spots?
9:19 – LP preferences
10:53 – The road ahead

You can listen to the podcast in the audio player above, as well as your favourite podcasting platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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