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Top 10 PE investors in the elder and disabled care sector


Private investment firms have poured capital into the elder and disabled care industry in recent years as the US population 65 and older rapidly grows.

This age bracket added over 14.4 million people from 2009 to 2019, a 36% increase, bringing the total population of Americans 65 and older to 54.1 million, according to a report from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Over the past five years, the top 10 private investment firms in the sector have completed 140 deals, according to PitchBook data.

The elder and disabled care industries include retirement homes, assisted living communities and other related services.

Since 2017, Chicago-based Vistria Group has completed the most deals for elder and disabled care companies, completing 24 transactions with a median deal size of $1.4 billion. Audax Group and Webster Private Equity tied for second with 15 deals apiece.

There have been 36 buyouts within the sector by private investment firms this year, with the largest deal being a $190 million buyout for Kindful Hospice by Trive Capital and Choice Health at Home, an at-home health provider backed by Coltala Holdings.

The two largest firms on our list in total AUM—HIG Capital at $49 billion and Centerbridge Partners at $33 billion—completed 11 and 13 deals in the space since 2017, respectively.

Here are the most active investors by deal count since the start of 2017.


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