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BBVA and Fifth Wall Climate Fund to invest to decarbonize the real estate


“Fith Wall´s Climate Tech Fund invests in companies and startups that develop innovative technologies and solutions to reduce the construction sector’s CO2 emissions – a goal totally aligned with the transformation and transition of emission intensive industries,” said Javier Rodríguez Soler, the Global Head of the Sustainability Area.  

“As the real estate industry’s contributions to climate change come to light, it’s critical that stakeholders from across the globe come together in order to achieve a more sustainable future. We are thrilled that BBVA has taken a leadership position in climate through its commitment to Fifth Wall’s Climate Fund and we look forward to introducing the company to critical decarbonization technologies that can advance its sustainability priorities,” said Brendan Wallace, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Fifth Wall.

Apart from profitability according to the risk of this kind of investments, by investing in the Climate Fund, BBVA aims to obtain valuable lessons that help the bank learn firsthand about the most disruptive technologies to fight global warming, while also gaining exposure to the business opportunity that investing in climate tech presents.

BBVA wants to lead the financing of the development of these new technologies. Being a pioneer will allow it to acquire distinctive knowledge on the business opportunity and the risks, and to offer unique advice to its clients.

The entire construction value chain, which includes materials (extraction, production, transportation); construction (logistics, supplies, suppliers, installers); operation (building maintenance, efficiency, water and electricity consumption); until the end of the lifespan of the construction (demolition, recycling, waste processing) has a lot of potential to reduce the carbon footprint of its processes and take advantage of the benefits of the circular economy.   

Along  with energy, transportation, agriculture and carbon capture, construction is one of the top five industries where BBVA is focusing its support on decarbonization, accompanying its clients. 

BBVA has identified decarbonization and green technologies as two priority areas for investment. On April 19th, BBVA announced a $20 million investment in Lowercarbon Capital, one of the few venture capital funds specializing in innovative companies that provide decarbonization solutions, specifically in the carbon capture field.

Fifth Wall’s Climate Fund  prioritizes investments which support the real estate industry’s transition to net-zero, targeting companies at each stage of a building’s life cycle, and more specifically, that focus on components such as raw materials, logistics and supply chain, construction, energy efficiency, heating and cooling, waste management, as well as innovations to support transparency and effective corporate governance. The Fund’s investment mandate is global. 

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