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Brilliant Minds backs older entrepreneurs in startup scene


Brilliant Minds is a New York-based venture capital firm doing something quite unique. Founded by Katerina Stroponiati, they’re championing entrepreneurs above the age of 50. Sure, that’s an age bracket that frequently suffers bias, but Brilliant Minds firmly believes that with age comes wisdom, and wisdom can power innovation.

This venture firm was born three months ago out of Stroponiati’s dual passions for investing and breaking down age-related barriers in the start-up scene. And it’s working. In a very short time, Brilliant Minds has seen impressive growth, ensuring its place in the vibrant New York venture capital scene.

But just who is Stroponiati targeting? Contrary to most, she’s looking for the older, more experienced entrepreneurs. She’s confident they have untapped potential that can bring valuable contributions to the industry. She’s providing these promising individuals with resources, guidance, and most importantly, financial backing to transform their ideas into reality.

This is a movement in the making. It’s about more than just investing, it’s about promoting diversity in the business and tech fields. It’s about uplifting potential innovators.

Brilliant Minds: Supporting Aged Wisdom in Startups

It’s about challenging the status quo and dismantling age prejudices. And the result? A more inclusive and dynamic startup ecosystem.

The three-year plan for Brilliant Minds is clear. They’re planning to invest between $200,000 to $300,000 in about 15 to 18 businesses. Of course, they’re open to all sectors but are particularly interested in those where experience and specialized knowledge play major roles, like healthcare, artificial intelligence, sustainability, and climate tech.

The prospects are promising. The firm has received 500 applications, mostly from first-time founders and experts aged roughly 65. With life expectancy on the rise and the over-55 workforce having nearly doubled since the 1980s, the pool of potential is undeniable. And with a diverse applicant pool – 21 percent being female founders, 14% women of color, and 27% immigrants – the breadth of professional experience is impressive.

Stroponiati sees the crucial role of AI in this innovation drive. It can help older entrepreneurs, even those without any technical background, launch start-ups. She sees this Brilliant Minds initiative as an exciting alternative to retirement, a fresh opportunity to leverage life-long expertise, and a path to breaking into new markets.

There’s one unmistakable belief behind all of this – age should never be a limit to start-up aspirations. And Brilliant Minds is keen on showing that diverse perspectives, regardless of age, can indeed spur innovation and productivity in the ever-evolving global economy.

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