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CerraCap Ventures Invests in Acorai, Paving the Way for Transformative Advances in Heart Failure Management


COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CerraCap Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in healthcare innovation, has invested in Acorai, a cutting-edge company in cardiovascular health technology. The investment will boost the development and deployment of Acorai’s novel Acorai Heart Monitor (AHM), which aims to solve critical challenges in heart failure management.

AHM is a game-changer in heart failure monitoring, due to its accuracy and reliability in measuring the intracardiac pressures non-invasively. The device can provide precise data on important parameters such as pulmonary artery pressure (PAP), right atrial pressure (RAP), and pulmonary capillary wedge pressure (PCWP), which are crucial parameters to effectively manage heart failure patients. Acorai’s dedication to providing clinically relevant information helps healthcare providers make informed decisions on heart failure management.

“We are excited to join forces with Acorai in their vision to transform cardiovascular health,” said Saurabh Ranjan, Founder & Managing Partner at CerraCap Ventures. “Acorai Heart Monitor solves data management challenges, ensuring that healthcare providers have access to reliable and timely information for optimal heart failure management. This investment shows our trust in Acorai’s innovative approach and commitment to enhancing patient outcomes.”

With the backing of CerraCap Ventures’ strategic investment, Acorai is set to make a big difference in the healthcare industry, Current round of funding will be used to conduct global clinical studies to get FDA approval followed by the market launch of AHM, bringing this groundbreaking technology to healthcare providers and patients around the world.

“Acorai is excited to welcome CerraCap Ventures as an investor, further expanding its presence in the world’s most important markets. We look forward to leveraging CerraCap’s experience of successful investing in the healthcare space and its network of healthcare systems globally,” Shared Filip Peters, CEO & Co-Founder.

About CerraCap Ventures

CerraCap Ventures is a leading venture capital firm in early-stage innovation, supporting and investing in companies that excel in cyber security, advanced analytics, and health-tech. CerraCap Ventures focuses on B2B enterprise companies and helps them grow through its distinctive “Sales & Scale” approach, which harnesses partnerships with Fortune 500 companies to fuel growth and success. With a history of successful investments, CerraCap Ventures strives to support the development of cutting-edge technologies for a healthier, secure planet.

About Acorai:

Acorai is developing a non-invasive intracardiac pressure monitoring device to improve heart failure management for more than 64 million patients worldwide. Acorai’s Monitoring system was designated a breakthrough device by the FDA in 2023 and is built upon the patented SAVE Sensor System, a proprietary, non-invasive hardware & machine learning platform.

To learn more visit: https://acorai.com/

Contact: Nikki Arora, na@cerracap.com

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