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Early Stage Venture Capitalist ROBUST Primed to Bridge Innovation Gap Across Borders


“We back independent thinkers who challenge the status quo and push limits of their industry with a singular determination to see their ideas through,” commented Kanin Asvaplungprohm (‘Asva’), Founder and General Partner of ROBUST.

ROBUST invests early (Pre-Seed to Series A) with the intent to follow through a company’s lifecycle. While they invest globally, their team is focused on bridging the economic and technological gap, particularly between North America and Southeast Asia.

“We are committed to partnering for the long haul with a select number of exemplary founders who solve complex economic, logistical, scientific, and engineering problems because we want to be aligned with their vision,” he affirmed.

“We’re relentless investors; ‘no’ and ‘failure’ are not in our vocabulary. We exist to create tangible, sustainable and intrinsic values.”

ROBUST derives its name from the resilience and unwavering commitment of innovators and companies that withstand challenges to bring their cutting-edge ideas to reality.

Backed by prominent investors in South East Asia and North America and with an excellent understanding of the geopolitical landscape, ROBUST has assembled a ‘think tank’ of seasoned operators, founders and strategic experts with a six-decade track record of robust regulatory hacking. It partners with a global network of operators, policy specialists, and locally-renowned experts in other markets.

Thai-born Asva is a visionary, serial entrepreneur who managed over $200M in Assets Under Management (“AUM”). Before founding ROBUST, he was a Principal at Dynafolio, a small-cap private equity firm focusing on turning around distressed companies.

He has spearheaded risk management for Marwin Technologies, a premier Aerospace, Meterological and Agricultural Tech solutions provider in Thailand. U.S-educated Asva also advises startups and growth-stage companies on the Southeast Asian regulatory landscape and tech ecosystem.

With an International background that straddles South East Asia and the U.S, he possesses the rare mix of traditional Asian sensibilities, Silicon Valley savvy and global vision.

Asva takes after his grandfather Pichit and father Prachaks, both prominent Thai businessmen, in work ethic and meticulous attention to detail thanks to a 60-year family background steeped in government contracting and infrastructure.

He added: “My family knows a thing or two about building things that last. I am applying our ethos to new frontier technologies on the global stage via ROBUST because we are built to last.”

For more information, visit https://www.robust.vc


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