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Nico Rosberg Accelerates with €75m Venture Capital Fund Launch


Former Formula One champion Nico Rosberg, known for his triumph over Lewis Hamilton in the 2016 world championship before his retirement, is now steering into a new domain: asset management. The 38-year-old has recently secured €30 million in funding to launch Rosberg Ventures.

Rosberg Ventures, dubbed a “fund of funds,” is poised to invest in tech-focused venture capital firms, acting on behalf of affluent family offices across Europe. With plans to amass €75 million by the year’s end, the fund intends to channel investments into renowned VC entities such as Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, and Accel.

Leveraging his stature and network, Rosberg has cultivated relationships with discerning venture capital firms and influential families throughout Europe. Unlike many sports figures who merely lend their names to ventures, Rosberg has been deeply involved in venture capital for the past eight years, adopting a hands-on approach.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Rosberg expressed his commitment to his new venture, stating, “I’ve really found my new mission here with my business life after F1. It’s really full-on every day. I’m the CEO. I set the vision. I set the strategy, and I build the team. I’m at the absolute forefront of this mission every day.”

As an angel investor, Rosberg has supported over 35 start-ups and growth-stage companies, highlighting UK renewable energy start-up Fuse Energy as a personal favorite. Additionally, he co-founded Berlin’s GreenTech Festival, a platform for sustainable tech investment, and is a prominent figure on Germany’s entrepreneurial show, Die Höhle der Löwen (The Lion’s Den).

Reflecting on the transition from the adrenaline-fueled world of F1 to venture capital, Rosberg admitted to missing the instantaneous rush of victory. “In sports, you don’t know until the corner if you’re going to win this or not,” he remarked. “But you cross that finish line, and you know in that instant that you’ve won, and you can just explode with emotion.”

In contrast, the journey in business lacks a definitive endpoint, with each milestone prompting further steps. Despite this distinction, Rosberg finds the venture capital landscape exhilarating, marking a new chapter in his career trajectory.

Born in Germany and raised in Monaco, Rosberg, the son of Finnish F1 racing legend Keke Rosberg, now splits his time between Monaco and Ibiza while navigating his latest venture in asset management.

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