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Suzano Launches US$70M Venture Capital Initiative



Suzano, a São Paulo, Brazil-based hardwood pulp producer and developer of sustainable and innovative solutions from renewable sources, has launched a global corporate venture capital initiative. 

Suzano Ventures will invest US$70 million in a range of businesses with the potential to develop new solutions in areas including climate technology, bio-based products, agroforestry and sustainable packaging.

Initially, the initiative will focus on companies operating within at least one of four bioeconomy applications:

  • Improving the measurement and management of carbon sequestration
  • Accelerating and maximizing agroforestry yield
  • Developing new technologies and applications for pulp biomass
  • Creating more efficient pulp packaging from renewable sources

All investments will be aligned with Suzano’s operations and will be made in businesses at both Seed and Series A funding stages.

Suzano Ventures will also have a structure of acceleration programs to leverage solutions that are in the laboratory phase or seeking commercial validation (pre-Seed).

Suzano’s team of R&D experts who already operate in Brazil, North America, China and Israel will help identify potential investments and a new dedicated Suzano Ventures team will be formed to work with partners to scale their ideas and operations.



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