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Venture Capital Veteran Connie Chan Leaves Andreessen Horowitz As Firm Shifts Focus to AI | by buzzedison | Jan, 2024


Connie Chan, a longtime consumer tech investor and prominent partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, is leaving the firm. Chan has decided to step down from her role after over a decade at the prominent VC firm.

The move comes as Andreessen Horowitz appears to be shifting its investment focus more heavily into artificial intelligence and enterprise technology under newer partners.

Chan has been well-known in the industry as an expert on innovative consumer tech, having led investments into major consumer internet companies like Airbnb and Pinterest early on.

However, the firm has signalled it will be moving away from traditional consumer tech under the leadership of newer partners. Andreessen Horowitz recently appointed general partner Anish Acharya, who has focused more on enterprise and fintech, to lead its consumer investing team.

Prominent Investor Built Her Reputation on Spotting Consumer Trends

Over her 12 years at Andreessen Horowitz, Chan built a reputation as an investor with an eye for emerging consumer tech trends and companies. She invested early in many breakout startups across e-commerce, social media, digital media, and mobile.

Beyond Airbnb and Pinterest, Chan led deals with leading consumer internet companies like Instacart, Teleport, and Clubhouse. She also authored a16z’s annual internet trends for the last several years, which is closely watched across Silicon Valley for insights into rising technologies.

Chan has also been regarded as an expert voice on consumer tech in China.

She authored the business book “Superconsumers: A Shared, Connected Economy” in 2016 exploring Chinese mobile commerce trends.

Andreessen Horowitz promoted her to general partner back in 2018. So her departure is a major loss of institutional knowledge around innovative consumer tech for the firm.

Recent Exits Reflect Waning Interest in Consumer Investments

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