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Why Frazier Group invested in Jet Dental

For this month's venture capital spotlight, Kendall Frazier of Frazier Group writes about investing in Jet Dental.

n 2019, Jeff and Jordan Smith, a father-son duo, approached the Frazier Group with a visionary idea — revolutionize onsite dentistry.

Traditionally, onsite dentistry involves companies like Google or Apple hiring dentists with lavishly equipped RVs, often worth $500,000 or more, to offer employees dental services in office parking lots. Jeff and Jordan proposed a more agile solution: equip a $60,000 Sprinter van with the essentials for six mobile operatories and allow dentists to set up in flexible company spaces. They called it “Jet Dental,” and their initial traction was impressive.

We’ve funded Jeff’s companies twice before, so we were thrilled when he reached out for funding again. Previous founders are invaluable to us, offering a wealth of new opportunities. Jeff, Jordan and Jet Dental’s initial success caught our interest, leading us to invest $1 million. Soon, Jet Dental was flourishing, operating 14 vans serving tech giants, manufacturing plants and corporate offices in 48 states.

However, the pandemic posed a sudden challenge. Offices closed virtually overnight, halting Jet’s progress. Committed to supporting their vision, we provided additional funding and offered space in our Lehi office. This arrangement was mutually beneficial, allowing us to closely follow their journey through the pandemic and them to be near a reliable source of funding.

With office closures, the team shifted focus to residential complexes. Attendance was low despite high sign-up rates. Looking back, this outcome seems predictable since building managers provided the service for free to residents who lacked the incentive to attend their appointments. People were often too occupied, and many skipped their scheduled times.

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