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Benzinga How Ordinary People Can Invest In This Alternative Asset Like The Elite 1% Podcast

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The RazReport -stories of inspiration- podcast features exclusive interviews with people who change the world. It’s a show about the stock market, entrepreneurship & overcoming the odds to be successful. You can expect to hear stories of inspiration, stock market and pro life tips, point of views that will make you a better person, investor & think bigger than you are thinking now.

In this conversation, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick interviews Anthony Jang, the co-founder and CEO of Vinovest, a platform that allows individuals to invest in fine wines and spirits.

They discuss the trust and custody of wine and whiskey investments, the expansion into the whiskey market, risk management and diversification, expected returns in wine and whiskey investments, the regulatory landscape, the VinoVest marketplace, communication in a remote team, personal challenges, and the potential of charity events for expanding reach. Anthony also shares his entrepreneurial journey and his passion for owning a vineyard in the future.

In this conversation, Anthony Zhang, co-founder of Vinovest, discusses his entrepreneurial journey and the creation of Vinovest, a platform for investing in fine wine.

He shares his experience of starting a business at a young age and the challenges he faced along the way. Anthony also talks about the acquisition of his previous company and the growth of Vinovest. The conversation concludes with a discussion about email productivity tools and time management.

Bullet points

  • Vinovest provides a platform for individuals to invest in fine wines and spirits, offering access to asset classes that were previously limited to the ultra-wealthy.
  • Trust and custody are crucial in wine and whiskey investments, and Vinovest ensures transparency by allowing customers to visit their warehouses and providing ownership certificates.
  • Investing in whiskey barrels is a long-term hold, with potential returns depending on the age and demand for the liquid in the barrel.
  • Diversification is key in managing risk, and Vinovest offers exposure to different mash bills, brands, and countries to protect against market fluctuations.
  • Historical returns in the wine market have been around 12-15% per year, while recent exits in the American whiskey market have seen annualized returns of about 30%.
  • Vinovest is focused on democratizing access to alternative assets and may explore partnerships with larger brokerages in the future.
  • The Vinovest marketplace provides additional liquidity for users to buy and sell their assets, with millions of dollars in volume going through the platform each month.
  • Effective communication in a remote team is achieved through transparency, documentation, and tools like Notion and Slack.
  • Anthony’s personal challenge of living with a spinal cord injury has shaped his perspective and resilience as an entrepreneur.
  • Charity events could be a potential avenue for reaching high-net-worth individuals and introducing them to Vinovest.
  • Anthony’s first job was working for himself, starting a food delivery business called Envoy Now at the age of 18. Starting a business at a young age can be challenging but rewarding.
  • Acquisitions can provide opportunities for growth and expansion.
  • Vinovest is a platform that allows investors to easily invest in fine wine.
  • Email productivity tools like Mailman can help manage and prioritize emails.

00:00 Introduction to Vinovest and its Founder

03:00 Trust and Custody in Wine and Whiskey Investments

06:00 Expansion into the Whiskey Market

09:00 Investing in Whiskey Barrels

12:00 Risk Management and Diversification

15:00 Expected Returns in Wine and Whiskey Investments

19:00 Regulatory Landscape and Future Plans

20:00 VinoVest Marketplace and Liquidity

23:00 Communication and Task Management in a Remote Team

27:00 Personal Advice and Challenges

30:00 Overcoming a Spinal Cord Injury

35:00 Expanding Reach through Charity Events

36:00 First Job and Entrepreneurial Journey

36:57 Early Ventures and Acquisitions

37:38 Whiskey Marketplace and Wrap-up


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