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Bitrue brings real-world management and alternative investment insights to students in Dubai


Dubai: Bitrue Chief Strategy Officer Robert Quartly-Janeiro delivered a series of guest talks to undergraduates and postgraduates at De Montfort University in Dubai on Nov 3. During the talks, he discussed entrepreneurship and next-gen leadership with undergraduates studying business, management, and accounting from the perspective of working with the world’s 8th largest digital asset exchange. 

He also spoke to postgraduates studying for MBAs, Fashion Management Masters, and HRMs about how organizations manage complexity, performance, and change in country-specific markets, digital finances, and global economies.

Empowering Next-Generation Leaders
In the first session, Quartly-Janeiro spoke about entrepreneurship and how it can be integrated with sustainable business, shedding light on the stark realities of business failures and how to avoid them. He emphasized the importance of passion and belief in one’s business ideas and strategies for effective launching and identification of USPs. 

According to Quartly-Janeiro, one of the key reasons why modern businesses fail today is the lack of USPs and trust. He stressed the importance of having a clear understanding of what makes a business unique and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers and advised entrepreneurs to adopt strategies like Blue Ocean, Zero to One, and Buyology to identify new markets and trends. 

In the second session, the Bitrue CSO discussed how leaders could effectively manage their businesses in a global market when it comes to complexity and performance. The lecture discussed several geopolitical challenges leaders must navigate, including economic shifts, currency risks, regulations, and competitor movements. There were also practical discussions on how C-suite leaders can use stakeholder mapping, operations management, horizon scanning, and marketing to manage complexities within firms.
Bitrue’s Commitment to Financial Independence and Digital Asset Alternatives 
Quartly-Janeiro was joined by Bitrue CMO Emma Li to discuss how Bitrue has established a renewed and trusted position in the digital asset industry. Since its inception in 2018, the exchange has been at the forefront of offering decentralized digital asset services, blending traditional economic principles with blockchain technology. The firm has established expertise in cryptography, alternative technology, alternative investments, banking and financial services, VCs, and operations.

Quartly-Janeiro’s experience in finance, alternatives, and consultancy makes his insights valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders, especially as an alumni of DMU. 

“I am delighted to visit and talk to students at De Montfort,” Robert said. “Having sat there myself many moons ago, insights from people in business, finance, nonprofit, and sports are so important in connecting the theory with the practice. For students, helping them see the world and the complexity they will face in their careers, such as the worlds of traditional and decentralized finance or the concept of managing vs leading, is important for the speed of their development.”

According to Lea Kiwan-Daniel, Programme Leader and Industry Engagement Lead at De Montfort University, Dubai, welcoming industry leaders from international companies like Bitrue to their campus has indeed proven to be beneficial and intriguing for the students. “As Bitrue operates across Asia, Europe, and emerging markets, our students have found it highly valuable to engage directly with firms in dynamic sectors such as digital finance, alternative investments, and asset management. This interaction not only showcases innovation and expansion but also offers insights that our students have found genuinely helpful and interesting, applicable to their professional journeys”, Lea said.

De Montfort University, with its internationally accredited campus in Dubai, is known for providing world-leading, industry-relevant education, particularly in business, management, marketing, HR, fashion, and engineering. The university’s collaboration with industry leaders like Bitrue is a testament to bridging the gap between academic learning and practical, real-world business applications. Through such collaborations, Bitrue plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of business leadership and cryptocurrency education.

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