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Crypto continues to show significant gender gap, survey reveals — TradingView News


A survey by investment fintech Linqto released today revealed that over 52% of male respondents have invested in crypto, compared to just 26% of female respondents. The results highlight significant gender discrepancies in investment preferences within private markets, by analyzing investment activity and interest by age and gender.

Moreover, results show that 43.6% of men have invested in alternative investments this year, with over 30% dedicating at least a quarter of their portfolio to crypto. In contrast, 23.3% of women have made similar investments, with 16.4% allocating a comparable portfolio percentage.

“With ongoing market volatility, stabilized interest rates and successful IPOs like Reddit’s recent listing, investors recognize the need for alternative investment options to create a comprehensive portfolio,” said Joe Endoso, CEO of Linqto. “The results of this survey indicate a strong demand for digital investments and alternative assets, specifically in the emerging technology, AI and crypto sectors. These findings align with Linqto’s mission to provide investment access to highly sought-after companies that are traditionally difficult to access but offer a diversified portfolio.”

The survey also indicated that male investors exhibit greater confidence in non-traditional investment markets, with 48.5% expressing much more confidence than 26% of female investors. Interest in emerging technologies and artificial intelligence was also noted, with 56.4% of respondents identifying these as sectors of interest, alongside digital assets at 39%.

The survey, which encompassed over 2,500 investors of diverse demographics, aims to better understand investor sentiment and the most popular sectors in both traditional and alternative markets, keeping abreast of trends for the remainder of 2024.

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