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SoFi and Templum team up to expand access to alternative assets

SoFi and Templum partner on alternatives offering

US investment marketplace SoFi has partnered with private markets technology platform Templum to widen access to alternative assets.

SoFi recently launched its Alternative Investments platform, enabling retail investors to access a variety of asset classes including private credit, venture capital and real estate.

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Anthony Noto, chief executive of SoFi, noted that “many valuable investment vehicles have been left inaccessible to the everyday investor” and said that the partnership with Templum would enable its users to gain more access to these types of assets.

Alternatives have expanded rapidly over the past decade, with assets under management currently valued at $16.3tn (£13tn) and expected to reach $24.5tn by 2028.

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“Partnering with SoFi is a great example of how like-minded firms can come together to increase investment access and opportunity,” said Christopher Pallotta, chief executive and founder at Templum.

“Templum’s technology, regulatory foundation, and alternatives expertise, combined with our work with leading fund managers, allows us to bring some of the most sought-after investments to SoFi. We are excited to be with SoFi at the forefront of one of the largest transformations in markets today.”

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