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Agencies working to bring down commodity prices


State Minister for Commerce Ahasanul Islam Titu on Sunday said that the prices of essential commodities will return to reasonable level as the state agencies are working in this regard.

He said this while talking to reporters after a discussion meeting organised by the Ministry of Commerce at TCB Bhavan, Karwan Bazar in the capital, making Bangabandhu’s 104th birth anniversary.

The minister said the Department of Agriculture Marketing (DAM) has fixed the prices of 29 essential commodities.

“The DAM has its committees at the district, upazila, and central level. Our responsibility will be to monitor the prices of products from producer level to wholesale and then to retail level,” he said.

Now the DAM, Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection Affairs, UNOs, and DCs will all coordinate together to bring down prices of daily necessities.

Hopefully, the price will come down to a logical level, he pointed out.

Amid soaring prices of commodities, the government has fixed prices of 29 essential products, including onion, broiler chicken, mutton, beef, and eggplant, at retail, wholesale, producer and production levels.

In a circular issued on Friday (15 March), the Department of Agricultural Marketing requested the authorities concerned to sell the products at the newly fixed rates.

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