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At The American Club, hot toddies are a hot commodity


hot toddies with lemon garnish

At Kohler’s American Club, this sultry and boozy beverage is in high demand

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When the temperature drops, an ice-cold drink simply doesn’t hit the spot. Winter is prime time for something warm and delightful, and there are few cocktails cozier than a traditional hot toddy, an alluring mixture of whiskey, hot water, lemon and honey, traditionally garnished with a lemon and/or a cinnamon stick.

The warmth of the cocktail demands that it be sipped and savored, making it an ideal choice for snuggling up fireside and socializing with friends.

At The American Club in Eastern Wisconsin — home to the spectacular Whistling Straits — hot toddies are an understandably popular choice during the winter months.

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Shaun Lewis

“We drink hot toddies to stay warm,” says Destination Kohler mixologist Peter Kalleward, with a laugh. “But it’s one of those cocktails that offers a basic platform that can be changed depending on the guest’s preferences.”

Scotch, rum, brandy — it’s all fair game in the world of hot toddies. But Kalleward suggests choosing something with an appropriate depth of flavor for maximum enjoyment.

“Bourbons like Buffalo Trace or Russell’s Reserve 10-year, something that has some age on it, will also incorporate a richness of flavor like vanilla, caramel, chocolate and orange peel. You won’t get all of those flavors with younger whiskeys,” he says.

When serving a hot toddy, Kalleward suggests using a glass mug and pairing the drink with a snack that highlights the drink’s flavors, like candied hazelnuts and aged cheese. Ultimately, though, he says the best way to enjoy a hot toddy is your way.

“I don’t care how you drink it,” he says. “As long as you’re enjoying it.”

It’s a drink as festive as it is refined.

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