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Commodity groups keep tabs on candidates’ energy stances


While Iowa’s commodity groups aren’t endorsing a candidate ahead of the 2024 Iowa caucuses, they are keeping tabs on some of the key issues in the election.

The Iowa Corn Growers Association, Iowa Renewable Fuels Association and Iowa Soybean Association created a coalition for the election cycle — Biofuels Vision 2024 — where they have been tracking Republican candidates’ support on energy issues.

  • A growing role for biofuels
  • Properly enacting the RFS
  • Preserving existing biofuels tax credits
  • Championing national year-round E15
  • Adoption of the U.S. GREET (Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions and Energy Use in Transportation) model
  • Unlocking higher ethanol blends
  • Supporting a farm bill with an energy title
  • Opposing EV mandates

So far, the coalition has issued press releases praising Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis for supporting all the listed issues, with comments from ISA, ICGA and IRFA officials applauding each candidate for their stances.

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“We commend Nikki Haley for showing her support for biofuels like biodiesel, and in particular for standing up for the Renewable Fuel Standard, which is one of the most successful energy policies in U.S. history,” said Grant Kimberley, senior director of market development for the ISA and executive director of the Iowa Biodiesel Board.

The ICGA highlighted DeSantis’ support for the continued growth of ethanol.

“Iowa’s corn farmers appreciate Governor Ron DeSantis’ recognition of ethanol and its value to Iowa as a sustainable, homegrown fuel option,” said Jolene Riessen, a farmer from Ida Grove and ICGA president.

The other candidates tracked by the group include Donald Trump, Asa Hutchinson and Vivek Ramaswamy

Trump has voiced support for the growing role of biofuels, year-round E15 and opposing EV mandates, but is not reported as having statements on the other issues.

Hutchinson has voiced support for all but the RFS, preserving tax credits and higher ethanol blends, all of which he has not provided a stance on up to this point.

Ramaswamy has voiced support for all issues except for adopting the U.S. GREET model, was unclear about unlocking higher ethanol blends and opposes preserving existing biofuels tax credits.

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