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ISA delegates bring concerns to Commodity Classic meetings


Commodity Classic is so much more than the trade show that sees all kinds of technology unveiled to the farmers of the United States. More importantly, it is the time that delegates from across the United States come together to set the policy that their respective commodity groups will work on for the coming year.

First, the state delegates meet with their “caucuses” or other states’ delegates that share like-minded issues. Then they present their recommendations to the whole group. The Iowa Soybean Association is here and ready for the Saturday policy meeting with other soybean growers.

Pat Swanson represents District 9 in Southeast Iowa. She took a few minutes to talk with IARN to discuss the concerns they are bringing to the national meetings on Saturday Morning. She says that top of mind is trade and the crop insurance provisions of the Farm Bill. When it comes to trade, Swanson acknowledges that Iowa farmers, along with farmers across America, face some headwinds.

As a crop insurance agent, Swanson talks about the perspective she can help bring to the national assembly to help put the safety net provisions of the Farm Bill at the top of the list.

Swanson said another issue that they are going to face this year, is making sure that farmers around the country understand the importance and benefits of the Soy Checkoff, especially when profit margins are thin.

The American Soybean Association will be holding its policy meeting Saturday morning in Houston, Texas.

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