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Pirates Board Commodity Ship Off the Coast of Somalia


A Bangladeshi bulk commodity carrier was boarded by armed men about 600 miles off the coast of Somalia, the latest incident to mark a resurgence of piracy near the country. 

The ship, named Abdullah, was carrying cargo to the United Arab Emirates from Mozambique, Bangladeshi broadcaster Somoy TV reported March 12. About 20 armed suspects boarded the ship from two boats, security company Ambrey Analytics said. 

It is the most recent sign of a fresh bout of Somali piracy in the Indian Ocean. The increase has coincided with a slew of attacks on merchant shipping in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, sapping nearby naval resources and heightening dangers for seafarers in the region.

At the end of 2023, the first ship hijacking in the waters off Somalia took place since 2017. Naval forces operating in the area have published warnings that two piracy groups have been working in the Indian Ocean. 

The ship’s owner, SR Shipping Ltd., said it was carrying coal. Ship tracking data compiled by Bloomberg show that the Adbullah slowed to a standstill in the Indian Ocean before turning around. It is now heading in the direction of the Somali coast. 

“We’re waiting for communications with the pirates. The ship is being controlled by the pirates near the Somali coast,” Mehrul Karim, chief executive officer of SR Shipping, said in a phone interview. “All the sailors are alive and in good health.”

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