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Soaring Garlic Prices Make Common Commodities a Lucrative Target for Thieves


Aniq Mansuri, a truck driver, halted his vehicle near Shertha in Gandhinagar for a brief respite. Little did he know that this stop would lead to the theft of his precious cargo – 60kg of garlic and 130kg of arecanut worth Rs 20,000 and Rs 64,000 respectively. This incident, which occurred almost a week ago, has left the Adalaj police scrutinizing the veracity of Mansuri’s claims.

The Unusual Heist

The theft of commonplace commodities like garlic and arecanut might seem peculiar, but recent market trends suggest otherwise. Garlic prices have soared dramatically, with each kilogram fetching between Rs 400 and 500. This surge in value has unfortunately made these commodities a lucrative target for thieves.

In an eerily similar incident just a week prior, 140kg of garlic worth Rs 35,000 was pilfered from the APMC yard near Vishala Circle in Ahmedabad. These repeated thefts have raised concerns among traders and transporters alike, who are now questioning the safety of their goods.

The Investigation

The Adalaj police are currently investigating Mansuri’s case. However, the delay in reporting the incident – nearly a week after the theft occurred – has cast doubts on the authenticity of his claims. The police are meticulously examining all aspects of the case, including the possibility of an insider job.

Despite the ongoing investigation, no leads have been found regarding the stolen garlic and arecanut. The police are appealing to the public for any information that could help recover the stolen goods and apprehend the culprits.

A Growing Concern

These consecutive thefts underscore a growing concern in the trading community. Traders fear that the escalating prices of commodities like garlic are making them vulnerable to such heists. They are now demanding stringent security measures to safeguard their goods during transportation and storage.

As the investigation continues, the fate of the stolen garlic and arecanut remains uncertain. The Adalaj police are hopeful that they will be able to recover the stolen goods and bring the culprits to justice. However, until then, the trading community remains on high alert, wary of the growing threat to their livelihood.

In the meantime, Aniq Mansuri, the truck driver, is left grappling with the loss of his cargo and the skepticism surrounding his claims. His story serves as a stark reminder of the unforeseen risks that come with the fluctuating market values of everyday commodities.

The theft of 60kg of garlic and 130kg of arecanut from Aniq Mansuri’s truck has sent ripples through the trading community in Gandhinagar. With garlic prices skyrocketing, these commodities have become an unlikely target for thieves.

As the Adalaj police continue their investigation into the matter, traders and transporters are demanding increased security measures. The recent spate of thefts has highlighted the vulnerability of their goods and underscored the need for enhanced protection. Amidst this growing concern, the search for the stolen garlic and arecanut continues.

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