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O’Connor Global Multi-Strategy Alpha Monthly Letter


New strategies: This quarter we have some exciting changes to the team. We will be starting an EM (ex-Asia) strategy covering Latam and CEEMEA. This is a natural fit with what we do with Asia, but also should have synergies with our Energy Transition Team, Tech Team, and European L/S team among others. We have past experience in the space and see the markets as structurally more inefficient, with less competitive dynamics from other buyside peers.

Enhancing capabilities: We also will welcome to O’Connor the seven-person deep Commodities team, formerly at CSAM. This should complement our existing strategies, and structurally, we see right now to be an opportune time to add such a sub-strategy. More expensive financing, political interference, higher cost inflation and scarcer resource opportunities have all led to under-investment in supply in several areas in recent years. Meanwhile the buildout of assets for the Energy Transition and for Datacenter & AI capabilities is commodity intensive. Combined with geopolitics and what would appear to be a “higher for longer” inflationary backdrop, we anticipate greater volatility and trading opportunities in spreads.

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