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Rallying Massive Avalanche & Ethereum Investment from Two Major Hedge Funds, Raffle Coin Presale Looks to Sell Out Stage 1 But There Is Still Time To Invest


The crypto market is making a comeback, with major coins such as Avalanche & Ethereum exhibiting better performance than they did last week. But they still don’t have the charm they had a month ago, so investors are looking on the hunt for more profitable projects. One platform that’s getting huge attention from investors is Raffle Coin. This coin introduces a completely new decentralized raffle governance and reward system.

The current presale is the perfect time to get in. But hurry as news is spreading that two major hedge funds are investing in Raffle Coin, making the current stage 1 presale almost sold out.

Avalanche: The Robust Crypto Designed to Solve Trilemma

Officially launched in 2020, Avalanche is a blockchain platform that addresses the triple threat of decentralization, security and scalability by employing a robust Proof of Stake mechanism. Although Avalanche and Ethereum share a lot of similarities, Avalanche differs in three main ways: its consensus mechanism, its inclusion of subnetworks and its use of multiple built-in blockchains namely X Chain, C Chain and P Chain.

This turned out to be a big hit, making AVAX one of the best performers in 2021. But since then, it’s been declining steadily, leading investors to withdraw their funds and move to innovative platforms such as Raffle Coin which has come to revamp the traditional raffle market.

Ethereum’s Current Trend Doesn’t Attract Investors

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency, with a market cap of over $380B. Ethereum serves as a decentralized platform for smart contracts, digital money, and apps. Using Turing-complete programming language, it allows smart contracts and apps to be built on top of a blockchain. These apps can store and transfer data, perform complex financial transactions, and do a lot more.

Despite Ethereum’s previous astronomical highs, investors are not optimistic about the current trend and they are flocking toward Raffle Coin’s presale – a blockchain-based raffle platform with a big profit potential.

Raffle Coin Presale Breaks All Records, Attracting Global Investors

Raffle Coin’s presale has defied expectations with a significant surge in interest and potential backing from two major hedge funds. This platform transforms the traditional raffle concept by introducing the element of decentralization and offering users a chance to participate in raffles and win exciting prizes. The best part is that these prizes aren’t just cryptocurrencies—participants can actually take home big prizes like luxury holidays, cars, and much more. The platform also lets users withdraw and deposit instantly, so you can cash out right away.

Another cool feature is the platform’s governance model, which gives token holders a say in decisions and the chance to propose changes for the platform’s future. On top of that, as an early member, you’ll get a cut of the platform’s revenue, making it an awesome passive income opportunity.

The explosive presale performance and the fact that Avalanche & Ethereum investors are already buying in make it a no-brainer for people who want to make a fortune. Regarding sustainability, Raffle Coin has taken an impressive approach by locking its liquidity pool for life and locking team tokens for two years, eliminating any concerns about a rug pull. RAFF tokens are up for grabs for just $0.020, which is a steal considering the awesome features and potential gains.

Raffle coin isn’t just another crypto – it’s a life-changing opportunity. Check out the website here for more details!


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