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Big 7 Ventures Announces Acquisition of Bowtex LP, a Texas-Based Manufacturer of Specialty Grading Products to the Commercial Surveying Industry


HOUSTON, April 11, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bowtex LP, the Texas-based manufacturer of high-quality survey stakes and other specialty grading products, has been acquired by Big 7 Ventures, a leading private equity firm specializing in industrial niche investments. This acquisition represents a significant milestone in Big 7 Ventures’ continued expansion and diversification within the industrial and construction sectors.

Bowtex LP has established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality consumable products to industry clients across Texas and beyond. With a commitment to quality, service, precision, and customer satisfaction, Bowtex LP has become a trusted partner in the industry, providing essential survey products for construction, surveying, and land development projects.

The acquisition of Bowtex LP aligns with Big 7 Ventures’ strategic vision to invest in companies with a strong track record of excellence and to support their growth and expansion. By adding Bowtex LP to its portfolio, Big 7 Ventures aims to leverage the company’s expertise and market presence to further enhance its position in the industrial and construction sectors.

“Bowtex LP’s exceptional product line, commitment to quality, and strong customer relationships make it an ideal fit for our investment portfolio. We are excited to partner with the Bowtex LP team and look forward to supporting their continued success and growth,” said Kurt Winter, CEO of Big 7 Ventures.

Under the new ownership, Bowtex LP will continue its operations and maintain the highest product quality and service standards while expanding into new geographical areas. The existing management team will remain in place to ensure a seamless transition and to drive the company’s ongoing success.

About Big 7 Ventures:

Big 7 Ventures is a leading private equity firm specializing in strategic investments across a range of industrial services and products. With a focus on fostering growth, innovation, and operational excellence, Big 7 Ventures partners with exceptional companies to unlock their full potential and create long-term value for stakeholders.

For more information about Big 7 Ventures, visit www.big7ventures.com

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