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Quarles & Brady Health & Life Sciences attorney Shamika Mazyck, based in the firm’s Indianapolis office, offered perspective on the anticipated growing role of private equity in health care for a Healthcare IT Today article about predictions for the upcoming year from people connected to the health care industry.

People from across the industry provided summaries of their predictions. Mazyck anticipates several implications as private equity firms get more active in health care. An excerpt of her comments:

In 2024, we will continue to see private equity firms invest in healthcare businesses. The investments will support the development of innovative healthcare delivery models that facilitate care outside the traditional acute hospital or clinical office setting. Examples of these services, include but are not limited to, expanding access via telehealth, performing infusion services in the home, and decentralized clinical trials.

Because revenue goals may drive private equity firms, we anticipate there will be increasing calls for regulatory scrutiny around these deals as well as operations and priorities of healthcare businesses owned or controlled by investment companies of various types. Thus, is it will be imperative that firms and business leaders in these deals engage a team of subject matter experts (e.g., health care providers, legal professionals, billing experts) to understand the operational aspects and compliance requirements of these models fully. From a health equity perspective, it will be crucial for business leaders and firm managers to engage healthcare professionals and diverse community leaders to ensure operations are implemented in a compliant manner that increase access while meeting the standard of care.

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