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The Gov Tech Market Grows in 2024


We’ve been covering the gov tech market for several years now, and, of course, state and local technology work for much longer than that. 2024 marks our ninth GovTech 100 list in which we round up 100 of the most active tech companies in state and local government. It’s a sought-after designation. Scores of companies make their case by pointing to their portfolio of customers or their fix for a particularly tough public-sector problem. Our list of 100 is by no means a complete accounting of the vast gov tech market, but it provides a snapshot of the kinds of providers working alongside governments large and small across the country.

But what makes a good partner? CIOs make a clear distinction: A purely transactional vendor secures a contract and moves on to the next opportunity, while a long-term partner is focused on understanding government’s needs (even before the first meeting) and helping deliver on government’s promise to residents. In CIOs Sound Off: What Makes a Vendor a Good Partner?, hear directly from technology leaders on how companies can build credibility as trusted partners to the public sector. We have two more good answers to this question in video form: Hear from Texas CIO Amanda Crawford and Louisiana CIO Dickie Howze.

GT Senior Staff Writer Thad Rueter examines the considerable influence of private equity dollars on the gov tech market in our cover story, The 2024 GT100: Our 9th Annual List of Who’s Who in Gov Tech. He’s got the data, and a host of experts, to back up the argument that private equity interest in government is something worth paying attention to. That interest is borne out by the more than 9,000 patents held by the companies on this year’s list as well as these companies’ nearly 600 individual investors.

To complement that market overview, we zeroed in on six key areas of gov tech work to examine market activity in a more focused way in some of the most active segments. See what’s new in justice and public safety, citizen engagement, disaster management, transportation, smart cities, and health and human services in Marketplace: Gov Tech Firms Bring Expertise to Public Agencies.

The word cloud shown above weights the terms that come up in the descriptions of this year’s GT100 2024 companies. The themes that emerge contribute to so many of the key items on government priority lists and the role that technology plays in delivering on those priorities, suggesting we’re on the right track with the GT100. Which companies from our list are on your radar?

This story originally appeared in the January/February 2024 issue of Government Technology magazine. Click here to view the full digital edition online.

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