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Binance’s $10 Billion Venture Capital Unit Goes Independent: Report — TradingView News


The top cryptocurrency exchange Binance has spun off its venture capital arm, Binance Labs, with a valuation of $10 billion. This move, orchestrated under the leadership of the exchange’s new CEO, Richard Teng, marks a notable shift in the company’s operations.

Previously integrated into the broader Binance Group, Binance Labs will operate as an independent entity, as confirmed by a spokesperson who spoke to Bloomberg.

Binance Labs’ Transition

Currently, employees at Binance Labs operate under separate contracts in a similar setup to that at BNB Chain, a digital ledger supported by Binance. Despite this new arrangement, Binance Labs will continue to license the Binance brand, ensuring its connection to the renowned cryptocurrency exchange.

Meanwhile, the crypto community is following the development within Binance, especially following the company’s recent penalty worth $4.3 billion and the transition in its leadership.

Binance Labs is a venture capital investor and an incubator for early-stage projects. The firm’s portfolio encompasses approximately 250 projects, including notable names like Sky Mavis, Aptos Labs, and Polygon. Binance Labs boasts assets valued at over $10 billion.

Recently, Binance terminated all Nigerian naira services due to an ongoing legal dispute with the Nigerian government. This move occurred after escalating tensions between the cryptocurrency exchange and Nigerian authorities, who are demanding nearly $10 billion in compensation from Binance over allegations of currency manipulation.

Economic Challenges and Regulatory Scrutiny

The legal dispute between Binance and the Nigerian government escalated, with accusations of manipulation of foreign exchange rates through currency speculation and rate fixing. This disagreement led to the cessation of all Nigerian naira-related services on Binance, affecting deposits and withdrawals.

Nigeria, as one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency markets, faces significant economic challenges, leading to the depreciation of the Nigerian naira. Regulatory scrutiny has intensified, with calls for bans on cryptocurrency platforms like Binance and KuCoin. Bayo Onanuga, an adviser to Nigeria’s President, has urged regulatory intervention, accusing these platforms of manipulating Nigeria’s fiat currency.

Despite regulatory pressure and allegations, Binance defended its market-based operations, denying any attempts to influence Nigeria’s currency pricing. The standoff underscores the broader debate surrounding cryptocurrency regulation and its implications for national currencies, reflecting the complexities of the evolving financial landscape.

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