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Chilean Startup Movener Secures $2 million from SQM Lithium Ventures •


  • Movener introduces “Movener ePower Kit” for diesel to hybrid conversion.
  • Focus on reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Funded by SQM’s venture arm, marking its second investment in electromobility.

Movener SpA, a Chilean innovator in electromobility, has developed the “Movener ePower Kit” to convert diesel trucks into hybrid electric vehicles.

This aims to minimize carbon emissions and fuel use, enhancing the sustainability of the transportation sector. The initiative aligns with global goals for cleaner energy and reduced carbon footprints.

SQM Lithium Ventures, the venture capital division of global lithium chemical producer SQM, has committed up to USD 2 million to Movener. This marks SQM’s fourth venture investment and reflects its commitment to fostering innovative technology that promotes clean energy and sustainable industry practices. This investment is seen as a pivotal step in SQM’s strategy to support eco-friendly technological advancements.

Founded by Gonzalo Pacheco, a mechanical engineer with extensive electromobility experience, Movener is poised for expansion into the U.S. and Mexican markets. This follows Pacheco’s participation in the Hero Training program at Draper University in Silicon Valley.

Movener’s approach not only addresses immediate industry needs but also sets the stage for broader adoption of hybrid electric transportation solutions, enhancing its market position as a leader in sustainable transport technology.

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